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Exercise at 21stone?


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I really want to start exercising regularly but at 21stone with chronic asthma everything is pretty hard going. I've been going on short bike rides a couple times a week but i get pretty embarrassed going out and about because i can't go very far, i'd love to jog but i don't think i'd manage it and that would be more embarrassing. My wii fit shuts off when i stand on it so thats a bit of a downer, i've just ordered Kinect for xbox and it comes with your shape which i've heard is good but i'm not sure i will be able to do it.
Anyone my size that successfully manages regular exercise?
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Hi nicki.. I'm 21 stones 4.5 lbs and bought the xbox kinect with the biggest loser game and have managed to do it. My body achedddddd alot but that's only because I've not exercised for years..

If you have asthma then you should do some low impact exercises but you will have to raise the heartbeat to lose weight.. Not sure- you'd have to speak to a trainer/doctor to give u proper advise.. Don't listen to anyone who is a professional because you could get seriously I'll if u don't follow the right advice x


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My cousin walked her weight down from 19 stones to 14 stones then started to introduce other exercise.

She started slowly and for a few mins a time and built up. She dieted too.

Pilates is low impact and good for your back and joints.

I agree you should get expert advice to prevent injury and get the most out of your sessions too.

Check with your GP you may be able to get an exercise referral program. Especially as you have asthma.

Good luck with your fitness program :) xx


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I would definitely recommend walking and Your Shape, I have this and it's really good, you can choose beginner/low impact and because you're in your own house you can go at your own pace and stop as often as you need to xx


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.Nicki. said:
The kinect arrived today and had a quick play at the gym games and its very good, don't like seeing my scanned form wobbling back at me though.
Lol tell me about it. Although it does make you understand which parts need working on more than the rest.


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walking would be best as its low impact, just find a regular route and make sure you do everyday, starting with 30 mins to try to walk at least an hour a day :)
At my biggest I was 21 stone I managed to get down to 19stone 4lbs and then used the cambridge plan to get me down a few stone, 16stone12 before I embarked on regular exercise, as I felt the vlcd would leave me with lots of flabby bits. I am now 15stone8lbs and I walk 6 miles a day, 2 personal training sessions a week, and do an hour on the crosstrainer three times a week, plus 20 minutes ab work. Its hard work but its worth it good luck


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Yeah its a good idea to start doing walks, its low impact exercise and shouldn't have any massive effects with regards your asthma. Yoga or swimming could be something you could try... but definitely definitely speak to a doctor as you don't want to harm yourself overdoing it!! x

I was 20 stone when I started at the gym, jumped straight in to insane training sessions with a personal trainer. my knees and hips have taken an absolute hammering..


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Start with walks, just try get your heart rate to rise. Maybe go to a gym, talk to one of the trainers and im sure they would be happy to find exercise thats comfortable for you, i go to virgin active and the staff are always very helpful! x


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At my heaviest I started with Curves gym,and it was a blast all low impact stuff. The aerobic excercise inbetween the equipment you do at your own pace! I was very slow in the begining. But because I wanted to do other things I joined the local gym which was closer to me. I have 2 wonderful sadist err trainers who are fabulous, they let me start slow and then bullie..er encouraged me to do better! I have an inhaler that goes into the gym with me if I need it. You can excercise , just take it slow and always just try that bit harder than you think you can go, but don't OVERDO it. I've gone from 3 minutes on the xtrainer and wanting to vomit ( i got off before I did lol) to 33 minutes. The trainers will help and guide you and believe me everybody is too busy to look at you. But they will all encourage you and help you.
I've gone from being a gym phobe to a bit of a gym bunny! from being a size 30/32 backside to almost a size 22 (Tesco!). I will even choose to cycle to the gym now on days when everybody is home and I don't have to do school runs etc.
I'm now below 19 st and every day is easier!
Be slow, be eduring and be careful, you can and will achieve whatever you want!
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AOGG I LOVE your siggy pic!
OP - remember exercise is all relative. Anything that gets you a wee bit out of breath and raises your heart rate is 'proper' exercise. If a walk round the block has that effect, then give yourself a great big TICK, cos you've just worked out :)xxx

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