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Exercise Bike, Rowing Machine, Cross Trainer and Zumber (Wii)

Wow lot of kit for home, I've got a cross trainer at home and its huge, so I also have a cross misses if its not put away promptly... So I stick mostly to the gym.

The answer to what best routine really is what do you want to get from them?

I use the kit you list (not got a WII) for fitness, calorie burning and some high intensity work.

- I do mini- triathlons on the bike, x trainer and rowing machine. So I do 1000m row, 10k bike and 5k cross trainer. I record my time and helps see progress. MY heart is generally working at 80% of max with this.
- I also mix it up with sprint work, where I do short bursts (usually under 1m min) at max effort then with 30 secs rest/slowdown. This is a major calorie killer and build speed too. Check out HIIT on the interweb for why it works. My heart is at max (thats 220bpm minus my age)
- LSD, no not the drugs but Long Slow Distance. I pick one machine and do 45-60 mins at a lower intensity. Useful for when my knees need a break. My heart is at 60% of max around 136-8bpm.

There are cheapish heart rate monitors such as at ASDA and you can use these to help ensure you are in the right zone. Generally making your heart work in different zone is beneficial. Mixing it up not only stops boredom but tests your body and it responds by growing fitter more quickly.
Thanks Martin!

I have a the kit at home because I can't be bothered with going to the gym-I am unable to motivate myself. But this has become apparent also with my mini gym at home. It is only in the spare room but I just can't get motivated. :(.

Do you have any tips on motivation?
1. Some of the heart rate watches record calories burned. When you see that you can easily burn off possibly a 1000 calories per hour (thats approx my rate) its motivating. They are not 100% accurate but work ok for cardiovascular stuff
2. I set goals - time for a distance etc.., as well as having them for my % body fat, weight etc.., and they are short (1 month) medium (2 months) and long (6 months). By seeing progress I want to work at doing more
3. Reward - I reward myself for achievements, Im getting the England Rugby shirt for losing 2 stone. Also download stuff to watch when Im on the bike for example - still find I work hard even when Im watching Mighty Boosh or whatever
4. Get a training partner - both of you can work at the same time. They would appreciate use of your kit and you have company.

Good luck!
This is FAB Martin. I'm going to invest on a heart rate monitor. I would like to get a training buddy but all my friends do other things such as swimming or exercise classes-I can't afford to spend money out on that sort of stuff. Will have to try and get my other half involved. :)

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