Exercise bike, stepper or cross trainer???

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by skinnydawn, 24 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. skinnydawn

    skinnydawn Gold Member

    Hi guys,
    I'd really like to try some exercise at home, nothing too strenuous to begin with, but something I could maybe do for 20 mins or so each day. I've been looking on ebay for a basic exercise bike but then came across the steppers and cross trainers and now I'm not sure what to go for. I'd really like to hear your views on which equipment you prefer xxx :thankyou:
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  3. Strawberry78

    Strawberry78 Member

    We have both an exercise bike and cross trainer, and I have to say that I find the exercise bike much easier to handle. That's why in the beginning I mostly used the exercise bike, but soon wanted more of a challenge, and now only use the cross trainer. Seems silly to be sitting on my butt when I'm supposed to be working it off!

    Of course our exercise bike is a very basic model, and the cross trainer is a bit more expensive with different programmes that automatically switch the resistance etc, so that might be another reason I like it better. I find going at the same pace and resistance too boring, to be honest.

    A stepper I've only tried, and didn't like at all so can't really compare that.

    I'd definitely go for a good cross trainer. It can be a little more strenuous at first, and at first 10 minutes can get you winded if you're just starting with exercise, but you soon build up on it!
  4. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Hi, I was recently looking at getting an exercise bike, but found on Argos, they have a 2 in 1 (exercise bike and cross trainer in one) they were half price so some around £250 were £125, might be worth looking on that site. Hope that helps
  5. skinnydawn

    skinnydawn Gold Member

    Hi, and thankyou both for your posts. I was actually given an old exercise bike completely out the blue this afternoon by my ex husband (!) so I'm going to try that 1st. It's very old fashioned, filthy, and I've definately got to something with the saddle before I cause myself some SERIOUS damage lol, but it was free and I should get an idea of whether its for me. I still really fancy the idea of a cross trainer though...
  6. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    I love the cross trainer over the exercise bike for the following reasons:

    1. It burns 2 x the amount of calories in the same amount of time.
    2. It's low impact. The "elliptical" motion stops the knees, ankles & hips from undergoing unnecessary strain.
    3. It's weight bearing which causes your bones to strengthen & wards off osteoporosis.
    4. It feels like a more efficient workout.
    5. You look like a pro on it even if you've just started using it!

    Needless to say... I LOVE the cross trainer :D
  7. skinnydawn

    skinnydawn Gold Member


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