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Exercise Challenge Thread.

Hi Bijoux

I think thats a great idea. I don't particularly enjoy the exercise but this should help motivate us and does make a difference to the losses.

Funnily enough I have just got back from the gym tonight which is unusual for me as I hate it - did 50 mins.

How should we structure hours/mins per week?? What do you think?



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I get up every morning saying I am definitely going to exercise today and by the time I get home from work and doing the washing and cleaning etc I can't be bothered!! I am going to get a wii fit on the weekend though so will definitely be trying to do more exercise from next week on, I am too scared of having excess skin around the tummy area not to do something about it.....
Hi Bevy/Elizabeth

You will love the Wii fit I got one last week it is good fun!!!! I know what you mean about the skin thats whats worrying me. Did you see extreme slimmers last night and their loose skin?? Anyone think exercise definitely helps the body tone and helps with loose skin

It will be good to keep each other motivated.
i've just got back from swimming and feel on top of the world! Was initially told by cdc not to exercise so i stopped but it's what i'm used to and i couldn't hold back and went and feel great.
Hi All

Shall we all just add names to the post and state our target hours/sessions for the week and then what we achieved ie
Target Achieved
change 35 3hours 2 hours

what do you think or just the hours we did??



I will get into that wedding dress!
im in!! i use my wii fit EVERYDAY for at least 30 mins (on free step while watching tv!! LOVE IT!!)
so mines 3 hours at least a week


Carpe diem, baby!
Today I am having a day off the gym but am walking to pick the kids up from school and back ( I walk them there and back every day anyway, so that's 5.6 miles roughly)

Friday - an hour of weight training and core work, then spin class 45 minutes, then 15 minutes rowing.
Well just bought a wii fit and it should be here by Monday so I am in from Monday - bring it on!!
The Wii Fit is great - we got ours on Saturday and have used it everyday minus yesterday as was out.

My aim is a min of 30 mins 5 times a week, so 2 1/2 hours or more for me, So far this week (from Mon onwards) I have done 1 hr 30. x
I live a 30 min walk away from my kids school, i walk there and back twice a day, so that two hours of walking come rain or shine... i am also attending the gym once a week, which includes a swim (it would be more than once a week if time alowed) and from next week i start swimming one night a week. I'm also back at work as sadly my maternity leave finishes on sunday. I work on a busy ward as a nurse so i'll be burning plenty of fat, as we have no chance to sit down!
We defenatly should encourage every one of us to excercise more, it really helps those pounds drop off!!!
So, how is the challenge going?? I am picking up my wii fit from the post office this afternoon so I am going to try and do it at least 3-4 times a week.
I would love to do Aqua Aerobics but there is no way I will get into a costume yet!! as soon as I do though I will be down the leisure centre swimming pool at least 3 times a week :D what's BTT?


Carpe diem, baby!
Tomorrow I am doing 45 min spin class and then 15 min row and then an hour of weight training (weighted all over body circuit and then weighted abs workout)

Thursday I am doing the full gym challenge to see how quickly I can do it. Am training with three other women in a relay team to compete at the end of January. 1000m row, 100 press ups, 50 sit ups and then 800m run. Will post time here and in my fitness diary.

Friday I am doing an hour of weight/strength training and then 45 minutes spin with 15 minutes HIIT running on the treadmill as warm up.

Every day I do as many press ups I can to failure to practise for the challenge and I also do as many pull ups as I can to failure (trying to strengthen the upper body, especially my back now)

Hope no-one minds me posting here I have done lipotrim and lighterlife before whilst exrcising and now I am on a body sculpting diet (I saw this is the Cambridge section, just shout at me if I am not supposed to post here!)

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