Exercise Classes while SS'ing?


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Hi guys,

I've been on SS for about 11 weeks now (with the occasional cheat :eek: ) and i would like to start a body pump class. Body pump is the one where you use the bar bells to tone and shape your body whilst burning loads of calories. So i am wondering if this would be safe to do on SS or if would need to go onto SS + in order to get some protein into me.

I'd rather not come off SS but i don't want to pass out mid class or do damage to myself.

Anyone have any idea if doing this while SS'ing is safe?
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Hi, I'm in my 2nd week of SS+ and I go to the gym about 2-3 times a week. I'm not sure if you're supposed to but don't over exert myself too much. I'm not sure about a body pump class might be a bit too strenuous (think that's how you spell it). I'd have a word with my CDC after all they're bound to have exercised at some point through their journey.


Have you done Pump before?

You can do it, but I'd suggest starting out with the lowest possible weight on the bar for the whole class. If you're planning to do it regularly you might want to do SS+ or 810 on the days you're doing Pump for a bit of extra protein. Drink plenty of water and take a bar with you so that if you feel dodgy at all you can stop and eat.

Make sure you don't do weights on the same muscle group on consecutive days (so if you're already doing weights in the gym, you'll want to drop them if you're doing Pump the same day or next day) and keep a close eye on how you feel.


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I do aerobics twice a week and spinning once a week and have been fine. If ever I have a moment where I feel a bit lightheaded I just calm it down a bit. I think you will be fine!


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I was very active in the gym, weights and cardio wise I even ran and walked everywhere...it can only help tone and improve fitness levels...the extra calories burnt will show as extra weight loss!

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Whenever i do strenuous exercise - jogging or netball....i time it so i have my shake or bar about half an hour before i exercise. I haven't felt any weakness or side affects. Enjoy it! I used to love Pump but have now banned myself from gym memberships because i never go enough or get really motivated for a month then don't go for 3!!! bad girl ;)


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As long as you listen to your body then you'll be OK. I did body pump on monday and it was only day 2 of a restart.

Like Kate said, best to keep your weights lower than usual. When I'm doing SS I tend to use (on each side) 1.25kg for warm up and arms, 2.5 kg for squats, 2.25kg for back track and nothing for lunges