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Exercise & Disability


Loving the Cambridge Diet
A certain person made a comment on another thread regarding the disabled being able to do 'some form of exercise'.

I swim - and that is about all I can do.

I have RA which affects my hands and my feet. I need two thumb joint replacements and an ankle replacement, neither of which can be done until I am 65 - 21 years away.

Sometimes I cannot swim since some days I am unable to hold onto the handrail to get into the pool.

I had to give up the medical profession I loved because of disability - not through choice by any means.
I can just about write my name & address with a paper & pen, if it wasn't for the computer I would not be able to do much of any writing at all.

If it wasn't for a specially-adapted car which is automatic, I wouldn't be able to drive either.

These people who make offhand comments should think before making them, since until you are there in that position yourself you cannot possibly know what disability means and how if affects your life.

I was 42 and my whole life came to a full-stop.

Arthritis may not kill you but it can take your life away.
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well said you! xx


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
here here
ignore people like that
im also unable to do much weight baring excercise due to 12 ops on my right knee as a child so i swim as well
there are several levels of disabilitys so obviously varies on what each individual can manage

i think your amazing hun, 16 weeks on CD and you DO regularly excercise
Sometimes you need to rant to make the point. Fwiw I had no idea you had any sort of issues with your health, It just shows how anonymous the internet is.
Its marvellous that you found a way of keeping active. I hope that you get the treatment you need for your joints.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
The Cambridge diet has cured my 'anaemia of unknown cause' !!!!

I take DMARD meds plus massive doses of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Have only had one flare whilst on CD, which lasted about a week and a half where normally it would last for four or five weeks.

Incidentally, I have a blood test every four weeks due to the DMARD being extremely toxic - I had one the week I started CD and one every fourth week since - for 22 different processes - the blood tests have remained perfect for everything!

The Rheumatologist is really impressed with CD and has mentioned it to a few of her patients - a lot of RA patients have poor mobility and therefore find it difficult to lose weight.


Loving the Cambridge Diet

On being anaemic - I ended up in hospital in March, at death's door, with a blood count of 5.2!! Had 6 pints of blood transfused.

Then I had a gastroscopy, a colonoscopy, a CT scan and an ultrasound - and they could find no reason for the anaemia.

It has magically disappeared!
your Haem count was 5.2?!

it's supposed to between 12 and 15!

that is crazy crazy buisness!!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Thank you!

The main reason I can't have surgery is that the Orthopaedic Surgeon (hands) is worried in case he makes me worse.
I have a different Orthopaedic Surgeon for my feet & ankles!

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