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Exercise - How Much?

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Hi everyone, hope you are all well on this sunshiney day!

I've just joined the gym (last Friday to be exact) at my work, and I was just wondering, how much exercise is "enough" in a week?

This week, I went on Tuesday and yesterday, and was going to go tonight but I'm just sooo tired I'm giving it a miss, and will go tomorrow night instead. Then I won't be doing any until next Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri. Is that enough, or too much?

I'm aiming for 3-4 days each week (for around 30 mins to an hour) and then when I feel fitter, increasing it to 5 days a week.

I don't want to over tire myself, hence taking tonight off - but I want to do enough for it to show results!!
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Mrs V

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You really should exercise every other day, if you are doing cardio, as it has been proven that you are still working out the next day (if this makes sense). If you have never done any vigorous exercise before then be careful and dont over do it.
Remember to drink plenty of water and stretch before and after.
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I joined a couple of weeks ago too and this week, I've done Mon, tue and last night. Not doing today but will go in the morning.

I've been doing classes because if I'm left to my own devices, I don't tend to push myself enough.

I think that every other day is good enough and like Mrs V says, just try not to overdo it :)


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I've been doing classes because if I'm left to my own devices, I don't tend to push myself enough.
I'm exactly the same. I go to Boxercise & Spinning as much as I can and they both really push me. I don't work as hard at the gym and give up sooner!
I usually exercise 3-4 times a week! I'm really unfit so don't want to do too much to start with! It makes me soo tired afterwards! But it will get better with time hopefully :)
To back up what everyone says, the key thing is to make sure you rest and recover from the exercise you are doing. Plus you need to mix the exercise up a bit, do different things on different days as well.

Stretching is always a must - and it is the one area, everyone fails to do enough in. Even the fittest gym bunnies rarely stretch enough!
I have a huge amount of weight to lose,
absolutely no way would I go to a gym,
Im just too lacking in confidence at mo,
for now I walk about two/three miles a day,
but Im hoping to lengthen my walk over the next few weeks.


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Agree with Mrs V its really important for you to let your body recover hunny. I know i've only been going just over 2 weeks but I go 3 times a week ( 4 max ) and always leave a day inbetween....don't think my poor legs and thighs could take it everyday anyway lol


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I excercise 3 times sometimes 4 a week. I go on bike rides and do my Reebok Step! I hope this is enough!!! x


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If your aim is general fitness then 3 times a week of 30 mins minimum is the very least you should be doing- just ensure that whatever exercise you do, your heart rate increases for that 30 minutes

If you want to burn fat the best way is slow and steady. You don't have to 'push' yourself, just do something that gets you moving at a steady rate and do it for as long as you like

I do 3 sessions of cardio work per week and 3 sessions of strength training, but I am trying to tone my body, build muscle AND burn fat- but I have to admit (and I NEVER thought I would say it) that I just LOVE working out!
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Thanks everyone :) makes me feel a lot better for taking a "lazy day" yesterday and not going to the gym!

I'm taking all of your advice on board, and thinking I'm going to do one day on one day off..or two days on one day off..with the way my work hours are I can't do Mondays, I can't get there on Saturdays and it's closed on Sundays..hence my Tues-Fri gym binge!

Enjoy your days :) xx
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Im new to excersise (apart from when im on the wii) so have been told to take it easy. I have bad knees so am no good at running. Yesterday I brought a bike (havent been on one for years) and a kiddy seat for the back, so I dont have to wait untill he's in bed. I am going to start tomorrow, not sure how many miles I will be able to do so I just thought I would time it instead and make sure I do at least 30 mins before I allow myself to quit.
I've joined Curves and they recommend 3 times a week but this week I've been 4 times and hoping to go tomorrow to make it 5 times. This is only because 105 sins isn't enough for me a week lol so hoping that when I go over the exercise will cancel some of them out!!
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Brainsprain, I would never have gone to the gym for exactly the reasons you say, but got a chance to join on a very supportive program and have been going twice a week for the last 2 months. At first I felt very conspicuous because of my weight and absolute lack of fitness, but the more you go, the more comfortable you feel. Most people are only concerned with their own issues anyway. I managed to lose 3kg in the first 6 weeks, so it feels really worthwhile. Some GPs now do 'exercise on prescription' where there is a small charge to use the gym and you get a lot of support. Hope that helps

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