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Exercise on a VLCD

right guys! wish they'd make the exercise thing a sticky!

can i exercise on ss or ss+ YES!

take it easy for the first 2 weeks. your body has to adapt it's fuel source from carbs to fat.

whilst your body is adapting you can suffer headaches, thirst, dizziness etc

i have ALWAYS exercised from ss upwards. i have ALWAYS listened to my body and if i can't physically do something that day i take it easy or go home. your body will adapt and exercise is very beneficial to you and your journey.

i have ran up to 6 miles 4 times a week on ss. at 6 miles i felt it, i felt i'd had enough and couldn't do it anymore! my losses stopped and for 2 frustrating weeks i STS. i moved to 810 and started loosing again, first week 8lbs!

this is a tale of really really listening to your body. starting exercise in a reasonable and manageable way. being sensible.....

walking is a very good way of increasing your exercise without any gym costs. running is also very good and you will really see your shape changing very quickly! interval training is excellent at fat burning. interval training is where you go hard for a short space of time ( say 5 mins) then easy for the same amount of time, then hard again and easy again etc rpt! it's a wonderful fat burner and you can burn fat and calories for upto 72 hours after exercise!


1 - listen to your body
2 - keep yourself hydrated
3 - if you feel odd sit down and drink water
4 - then go home!

simple! never put yourself at risk if you don't feel right! however, as you loose weight and your body gets used to the fuel change you will probably feel energised and will do well exercising.

word of caution! don't over do it in the hope that you will loose more weight! you can reach a peak where your body will no longer loose weight as your cal burn is too high. this is where you get a STS for a few weeks. it is very frustrating but it indicated that either you drop or lower your exercise or go up a plan!
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Yay, Nikki - a sticky! :winner:

Thanks Starlight! :clap:

Jonny - STS - Stay the Same (as in stay the same weight).


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Wooo Nikki has a Sticky :D

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The fat is melting away!
I was debating about starting running and found a fab app on my android. It is called learn to run it starts with 30 minute run 3 min walk 3 min run etc etc. It then builds up. Never liked running but my neighbour has done it and gone from a size 20 to a size 10/12 (healthy eating as well)
Ha, Sticky Nicci was my name on a hen night i went on recently lol! i am just starting day 5 and i have decided that i am going to do the biggest looser low intensity work out, its only 12 minutes long but when i did it a few weeks ago i was so knackered lol! but its on the wii so i will be at home and close to a tap etc, i cant see it hurting as long as i dont over do it. but my aim is to start running! watch this space!! Onwards and Downwards peeps!!!! xxxxxxx
i really don't understand why exercising would inhibit weight loss? its makes no sence to me :S i've always been told the more calories you burn off the more weight you will loose, regardless of your daily intake of calories... can someone please explain it to me? I'll try + keep up :) haha i go swimming + zumba few times a week (because i love going) + was hoping that would help my weight loss not inhibit it. I'd be gutted if i meant i lost less weight because of it. I don't do any muscle building exercise (as i know muscle ways more than fat so that would make sence regarding weight loss) Does anyone on this diet exercise a few times a week + have you noticed a difference on the scales? either lost less, lost more, or no difference? thanks x


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In a nutshell avoiding heavy weights is advised because depleted glycogen stores mean it takes longer for muscles to repair. The nature of using weights mean that the muscles tear slightly each time and its the healing process that lays down more muscle fibers and therefore building muscle. It's not because muscle weighs more than fat, this is a myth. 1lb of muscle weighs the same as 1lb of fat but muscle is denser and takes up less space (see pic). Don't let anyone tell you different.

But the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and light resistance training prevents you losing muscle (which happens to a certain degree with any diet).

As for doing cardio it's best to listen to your body and see how you get on. Cambridge don't advise that you start any new exercise regime in the first few weeks, but if you're already active then it's probably ok to carry on.

Up until doing Cambridge I was very active at the gym, doing weights and cardio. But I've found that my muscles hurt for longer after a session, recovery is slower and I lose less weight. BUT I must stress that I can be at the gym for a good three hours at a time and it's strenuous exercise. As a result I don't hit the gym when I'm doing SS as I don't get the weightless results I'm wanting.

So basically my advice is to take it as it comes, only you will know if doing exercise will slow your losses.


5lbs of muscle vs 5lbs of fat

Hope this helps and hasn't just confused you more.
thank u sooo much for taking the time out to explain these things. I had always thought muscle weighs more than fat but thanks for clearing that up for me :) up untill a couple of years ago i thought fat could be 'turned' to muscle but ofcourse it cant lol

yes ive exercised way before starting cd and have cut back on the amount of times ive been going now compared to before. I dont do any weights at all. i just zumba + swimming thats it + feel fine doing it, id never push myself. I was hoping that would speed up my weight loss if anything not slow it down. I dont mind if its the same weight loss wise compared to not exercising because its still beneficial for me regarding getting fitter, toning up + i enjoy it. Really hope it doesnt slow it down, it wouldnt make any sence to me if it did haha. thanks again for your help :) much appreciated x
I am waiting to hear back from consultant (only e-mailed yesterday!) so I can get cracking on the CD. I am reasonably fit and healthy atm and go to a boot camp 3 times a wk and do stuff at home. Where i fall down is my diet, i am all over the place with starving, bingeing etc and my metabolism is shot i think, so CD seemed like a good way to kick start again (i hope!?) Also i figured if i got some gd results fairly quickly it should spur me on. Anyway, i love my boot camp and really woulnd't want to give it up (plus it seems mad to me to stop exewrcising when surely this is about health more than anything else!?) but it is fairly hard core and takes a lot of energy. Will my consultant take this in to account when she decides which diet i should do etc? I was so excited to start yesterday and now I've got worried! Also people saying exercise can slow down weight loss? Help :-(
I am on ss. I do martial arts once a week which I have done for years. I used to be really healthy then had an operation on my knee. Now I don't feel comfortable jogging on the streets as I have put on weight. So I just jog or jump on the spot or do sit Ups at home while the ad breaks are on. Bit strange but works. I just stop when im tired or feel funny.
I've always been active, going to the gym regularly and doing weight training and high intensity cardio.. But where I went wrong was with diet, and often binged & ate all the wrong things, which is why I've started CD.. I'm on SS+ and hoping I can still attend the gym regularly. I won't and don't intend to push myself as hard as I used to, but I'd still like to do light weight training for toning & things like running etc... But if it does hinder my weight loss & slow it down then I'm not sure it's worth the time and effort & maybe I'll keep away from the gym until I'm on step 2.

Any advice??? Help!!! x
I 'm thinking of adding couple Trec nutrional whey shakes to my ss + diet, so I don't lose muscle definition as I love lifting weights, I don't do cardio as weight lifting is cardio and toning all in one, i'm not worried what the scales say I just want to completely change my body shape and reduce my fat percentage. I love the Cambridge diet it fits easy into my life style so I don't want to change that.
Hi I'm starting CD on thur and was just wondering how yous got on with exercising and what plan yous are on? Iv got a personal trainer which I attend 3 times and I also do on average 2 spin classes a week. I'm prepared to drop my exercise sessions but I'm not prepared to give it up all together so was just wondering how yous all got on? Jade x
Sorry I forgot to add did your exercise affect your losses?x
aries said:
Can we exercise
Depends which step ur on, how far in u r and whether u were a regular exerciser beire u started diet. If it helps i trained 4-5times a wk pre diet and cut back to 2 sessions during my first two wks as energy was lower. After that was back to normal. I am on 810 though


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Caroline_Louise said:
Depends which step ur on, how far in u r and whether u were a regular exerciser beire u started diet. If it helps i trained 4-5times a wk pre diet and cut back to 2 sessions during my first two wks as energy was lower. After that was back to normal. I am on 810 though
Thanks Caroline I'm on ss not really a regular exerciser but wanted to do zumba
aries said:
Thanks Caroline I'm on ss not really a regular exerciser but wanted to do zumba
I'd prob leave it a few wks til ur bodies used to it if u were u. Once ur in ketosis and have been for a but u should be fine i would say. Ask ur cdc though x

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