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Exercise on a VLCD

Depends which step ur on, how far in u r and whether u were a regular exerciser beire u started diet. If it helps i trained 4-5times a wk pre diet and cut back to 2 sessions during my first two wks as energy was lower. After that was back to normal. I am on 810 though
yes you can exercise and it will help off loading the glucogen supplies. i've exercise from ss onwards.
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Thanks Caroline I'm on ss not really a regular exerciser but wanted to do zumba
if you a couple of weeks into your ss diet then go for it but remember to listen to your body and take it easy. drink plenty of water! i'm a zumba instructor (ZIN), i'll be teaching my 2 classes this week on ss. i will also be out running 3 times this week too!
I am on ss. I do martial arts once a week which I have done for years. I used to be really healthy then had an operation on my knee. Now I don't feel comfortable jogging on the streets as I have put on weight. So I just jog or jump on the spot or do sit Ups at home while the ad breaks are on. Bit strange but works. I just stop when im tired or feel funny.
That is such a great idea. Think il try that.
can i swim on ss if i just take it easy? i'm terrified of loose skin and swimming tones you up...x
I'm on day 3 and my exercise is housework! Yes I know it's boring but with three strapping men at home who do nowt I've loads to do and am always running up an down the stairs moving my arms and legs, going around the shops etc and was told this can be counted as 30 minutes exercise. I cannot stop this no matter what diet I am on. For five days a week I also walk to the newsagents to buy the daily paper, but this is not too strenuous, takes me about 20 mins but will aim to walk faster as the weight drops off. I am a retired housewife, so it makes up for you young mums running about with the kids, or workers rushing to work etc. I was there once upon a time!
I'm on day 4 and have been the gym or for a run (interval running) everyday and have felt fine! Felt a little lightheaded in the gym at one point but a five minute rest and some water sorted that out. Listen to your body; it knows what you can handle! x

(I thought it might be worth adding that i'm also asthmatic so that may have had an influence to the lightheadedness!)
I'm going to continue swimming then, i'll just do a bit less, maybe 20 lengths 3 times a week or something to start with xx
The other day I walked the dos longer than usual and then went home and tidied the loft. Although not classed as exercise (except walking the dog) it was very hot in the loft and I was up there for about two hrs. After I'd finished loft I felt ok then the hunger hit me. I was starving but could eat anything because I only had one shake left which was for the evening.


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I went back to the gym sunday after not going for a while, I did mainly cardio but also some weights just to tone myself. I have signed up for Zumba and I am going to sign up for some more classes when I am a bit fitter. My consultant has just said only do what i can, don't over exert, going to start swimming again when the local pool has opened again.
i actually missed the gym when i was on ss... now im on 810 i cant wait to include a little bit of excercise back into my daily routine....
I just use the FlabeLos machines for now for toning. I wouldn't be comfortable going to the gym yet.
Hi all,

Last tuesday I went to a Yoga class. It was amazing! Previously, I have always ran and done high intensity cardio for exercise, which had made me hungry. But as Yoga is gentler, I didn't get the hunger pangs afterwards, but still ached the next day as I had toned muscle. Definately a VLCD winner! x
Actually I just started cwp after being stalled on Atkins for a while and because I had been very active it was hard for me to stop working out. This is day 5 and I have been at the gym every single day. Only difference is I pace myself and I haven't run at all this entire period. My energy levels are up and I'm fine. I quit as soon as I feel weird or tired. I think it's key to listen to your body
I'm currently on day 7, am going to wait until i've got 2 full weeks at 100% SS under my belt and then resume my exercise plan. Swimming twice weekly for the first 2 weeks than add 2 gym visits on top of that to build up my running again. One of my mini goals is to run a 5k, with no walking at all!

remain positive, we can all do this x
thanks for explaining this as i feel quite tired and am only on week 2, this makes sense to listen to your body and i dont feel so bad for not being able to go on the treadmill this week. ;)
I did the 30 days shred while on CD, and I felt great. I'm planning on doing some kettlebells this time around, but only in a month or so. Let my body get used to CD again.
I looked up the 30 Day Shred after seeing lots of talk about it and saw that it had rave reviews despite it being very strenuous and difficult to do. Is this something that can be done on SS and SS+? Also there is a lot of talk about toning and definition - how far into your weightloss journey is best to start it?

I'm concerned that as I have over 6 stone to lose still, I may be putting too much strain on my body to do it now.

My initial target is to be 11.5st by mid July for my wedding so I was thinking of starting this around mid-June as I'll be at a stage where toning will benefit me - if I'm brave I may give it a try in May and see if I can do a 60 day shred! Would it be better to step up a plan if I do this? I also want to keep losing the same amount of weight I am now,
I would say try it and see. If you feel it's not working out then wait. No rush. I've always exercised throughout my journey as I do it anyway and am not starting anything rigorous from scratch.

The 30 day shred isn't too bad. It's all interval based when you might do a couple of mins jumping jacks followed by something slower.


The 30 shred has high and low intensity workouts, but you will still FEEL it even at low intensity. Just spread it out a bit,45 day shred say.... ;)

If you're starting to tone even whilst overweight then it's still good because when you shed your fat like unwrapping a new present your body underneath will be in a much better shape.

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