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Exercise on CD

Hi all, I hope you dont mind me posting. I have been reading this forum ever since I started Cd but registered only today.

So I started Cd 13 weeks ago. However I have only in these past 4 days thought about excercise. So I have been completing an excercise dvd (30min) each day and plan to walk to work and back (3miles each way). However I have just finished todays 30min and feel rather ill and shaky. I have had 2 of my 3 shakes and 3litres of water up untill I excercised.

So is there a limit as to what you can do on Cd? Should I excercise before shakes or after? Do you need a 'rest' day? Am I doing too much?

Thanks for any answers or comments, off for a shower before my weigh in :bliss:
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I have a cross trainer but I only do 15 minutes at a time or I get a little light headed. I've found that I can do it twice in a day but I have to leave a couple of hours between each session or I feel pretty dodgy. Perhaps you can break your exercise video up into 2 parts?


100% all the way!
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I've done excercise before and felt light-headed, but then the next time I've been fine. I do think you need to a bit careful due to the amount of calories we are having.......but your body will tell you what you can and what you can't.

I would maybe try the walk in another couple of days and then see how you feel, or do some shorter walks to start off with.....Hope this helps! x
Thanks for the replys Kelly and Claire.

I have thought about seperating my workouts Kelly but its a set workout for 30min. I just think I over did it today because Saturday and Friday I was fine. I spoke to my CDC tonight and she said do what I can and if needs be have an extra shake if I feel ill/lightheaded.

Thanks for you comments Claire. I used to do the walk before but obviously I was eating unhealthy stuff then. I think I will take it one day at and time and as you said work up to the walk both ways.

Thanks for some great comments :lilkiss:
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Try doing the DVD in the mornings (if you have time)! I go for a 20min jog as soon as I wake up and have yet to suffer from any lightheadedness or the shakes. I think this is when you have the most energy!!
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I got light headed today at the gym, but I was giving it everything and was with my PT who was really pushing me! I had also done a yoga dvd this morning. I drink plenty of water and rest when I need to.... try not to push it too hard. btw I exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes
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i do 40 mins about 3 times a week jsut run

when i do the excersise id have a extra shake
Thanks for all our replys.

Losing it for good, I never thought about doing it just in the morning. I did it once in the morning and come to think of it had no side effects :D

amm451, Thanks. I dont want to go mad but I want to do somthing more active anyways. I feel horrid now if I dont do something as a form of excercise everyday. Do we need a rest day or anything though?

richman14, Hello Rich, thanks for your comment. So far i ahve only needed one extra shake and that when I did a one hour workout. I have a fair few here anyways so I can easily have an extra if needed.

Thankyou all again for your comments :D
Just thought I would update you all and say ~ excercise doesnt help you lose at all :( This week I have stayed the same even though I am burning about 300 more cal a day! However this could be due to me gaining muscle, and I will do more so than a 'normal' woman due to a medical condition that means I have more testosterone in my body.

So I have been told to slow it down untill I am at least a few stone lighter. So planning on just two workouts a week and walking maybe a little more as its not as active. So yes this is a day when I wish I was 'normal' :rolleyes:
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I personally don't have a rest day but for me variety is key, I do loads of different stuff, so long as I do a minimum of 30 minutes I am happy!

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