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exercise question!


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Hi all, just after a bit of exercise advice!
I'm currently 11st 4.5lbs and at the moment i'm in my third week of my new healthy regime, I'm allowing myself an intake of 1200 calories a day and have started to go the gym, my workout looks like this

1. 10 minute warm up on the exercise bike
2. 20 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5km 0 incline increasing to 6km at 3 incline.
3. 10 minutes on the rowing machine
4. 20 minutes on the cross trainer
5. 10 minute cool down on the exercise bike.

Is this enough to burn fat? If not any ideas/tips on how I can improve my workout to make it more fat burning?
I am currently doing this 3/4 times each week and using a yoga dvd for toning. I am aiming to include an exercise class once a week as part of my routine also but not sure what kind would be most beneficial?

I need to lose just over 2st so I'm more interested in burning fat at the moment, any help would be greatly appreciated!

thanks! rach x
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I really reccomend you buy a heart rate monitor. You work out from your age how many beats per minute you need to get up to so that you are in your optimal fat burning zone -- so you know exactly if you are working hard enough. You can get them in Argos or any sports shop. I would never exercise without one now.


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I am currently doing the slim fast plan and consuming 1200 calories each day. What exactly is the HIIT system?
I have a Polar one which cost about £30 but they start at £14 in Argos. Well worth it because it will tell you exactly when you are exercising hard enough to burn fat. Some also tell you how many calories your work-out burned. Get a gym instructor to work out how many beats per minute you need to be exercising at for your age.
I'll agree that the cardio workout above isn't the best set but HIIT isn't for everyone. It is hard on joints and may cause major damage if you are a larger person, any kind of running is. HIIT is more for people who are almost in shape and really wanna burn that last bit.

You'd be best to concentrate on one of the cardio machines and switch if you get bored with it. An hour a day on any one machine. You say you are doing your routine 3/4 times a week already so you are familiar with the machines pick your fave and use it. Also throw some sort of weight training in. Cardio only burns while you are doing it and for a short while after. When you do weight training you build muscle and muscle is always burning fat.


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Does your gym offer a weightloss program? Mine does for a small extra cost. Looks at your diet as well as your exercise program. Or maybe book a personal training session or two, and get them to write you a specific program
This is interesting. I will ask about weight training, and also yes, I do tend to walk briskly uphill on the treadmill, and do interval training every other time, I go to the gym so I will try and switch to cycling. Also I do want to build up jogging again so I will try walking, and jogging outdoors this weekend and see how I get on before I move to sprint.

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