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Exercise suggestions?


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Just thought I'd get ahead of the game here... at the moment I'm taking advantage of the weather and the light mornings to go walking for an hour every day first thing. In a few months time I won't really have that option, so I'm looking for something indoors so that I can keep to my early morning slot.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm open to the idea of an exercise DVD, unfortunately though I house share, so I can't use the living room and I don't have a huge amount of space in my bedroom. Most of the ones I've looked at seem to require a fair amount of space.
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I use a trampette and a gym ball, if you have enough space to lie down in your room you can do plenty of the gymball. The trampette I have was from Tesco and folds so it can be stored away quite well. Alternatively there is always swimming, most public pools have early morning swim slots for adults only I used mine quite regularly when it was closer to work.


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Thanks, hadn't thought of a gym ball. I'll definitely look into that one!

Swimming is a possibility, unfortunately don't have a car so I'd have to find a pool I can get to by bus. Also I'm a student so I do have to watch the pennies.


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I use home exercise videos and the ones I like the best are the Jordan workout and the davina Mcall power of 3. None of them need much space to do, apart from enough space to lie on the floor. Although the davina one might not be so good if you have people below you as there are short intervals where to have to jump up and down, jog on the spot star jumps etc.
I'd also recommend the tae bo workouts but some of them need a fair bit of space.:)
I exercise indoors. I try and mix my exercises up a bit so my bod doesn't get too used to one kind. I either go on my treadmill (I watch a dvd while I'm on there to make the time go by more quickly). I have a few exercise dvd's I really like doing. The first one is Step Aerobics. It's fun and a great workout, and it doesn't take up much room. My fav exercise dvd has to be the 'Walk Aerobics' with Leslie Sansone. You don't need much room, they don't have any faffy dance steps and they're good fun. My favourite one is the 4 mile workout.

I know I sound a bit like an advert there, but I've wasted so much money on various exercise video's over the years. I finally found the Walk Aerobics series and I really recommend them.


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I have a Yogalates video I do lying down on my bed in my room, its perfect and low impact but in the last month I've notice my bum and tum are more streamlined. I also used the Davina Power of 3 but found I didn't have enough puff, now I've stopped smoking I might give it another go. Good luck! My stepmum swears by the Sonia from Eastenders one but I've no idea what its like personally. x

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