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Exercise Thread

Evening Ladies,

Just thought it might be good to start an exercise thread as a bit of extra motivation for us all to do the dreaded stuff! I bought the fitness coach for the wii this week and started it yesterday, did it again tonight even though I was bloody knackered once i'd got in and sorted my munchkin out for bed etc... and I have to say I'm really enjoying it and feel SO good afterwards! :character00115:

I've set my commitment on it to 30mins Mon-Fri so really want to try and keep the motivation up. I dont know about the rest of you but I'm into it for the first few days then it kind of wears off! So maybe we could be eachothers exercise buddies and keep our motivation up by posting what we are doing on here?

Happy exercising! :character00116:
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I haven't been doing any exercise and I know I should...we have a wii fit and I don't know how to use it, I must get the kids to show me! Is it a good work out ?
i cant exercise atm, my calorie intake is too low, but im going to commit too 30 mins a day on the cross trainer again soon :)
Deegirl, I like wii fit because it doesn't feel like exercise as such. I've been hula-hooping on it and that it fun. I'm rubbish at the yoga but will hopefuly improve with time. The instructor tells me I don't have enough strength in my body! lol.

I don't have fitness trainer like curvy0girl which I believe is more of a workout and therefore probably better exercise.(although I have now ordered it as it was only £9.99- bargain!)
Hiya girls :)

I use both the wii fit and the fitness coach and I enjoy both but the fitness coach is definitely more of a workout. Its really good though because you can set your goals, fitness levels etc.. and it works out the best sort of exercise for you. It also asks you how you are finding the workout at various points throughout the session so it can adapt it by making it easier/harder etc...

I'd say the wii fit is a good place to start if you are not used to exercise though as its lower intensity and as tiffy said you dont feel like you are working out as much!


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Thanks for that girls..I will give the wii fit a go tom...wish me luck, I'd say the kids will role around laughing at me :D
haha yeah my little lad thinks its hilarious watching me do the hula hoop!

Well did another 30mins with the fitness coach tonight so feelin really chuffed with that :) Bloody knackered now though.....!
I did 45 mins on the wii fit! It can get a little addictive as I want to beat everyone's scores,lol. I even played on the jogging part and carried on even though my 11 year old was there moaning that I was so slow...I never jog so I was impressed with myself.
Yeay well done tiffy! :)

Feels great when you've done it doesnt it! The first night I did the fitness coach I thought I was gonna die and now I'm only on my 3rd day and it already feels so much easier :character00115:
I did 34 minutes of 'proper' excercise tonight on wii fit. I'd been doing easy stuff mainly but tonight I did step aerobics, jogging, hula hooping and waist twists. I was weating loads!! Not a nice site but good for me.

Deegirl, did you have a go on the wii?
I didnt do any tonight as got in from work late then had to get our stuff together for our trip down to Devon tomorrow. Its my step-sisters wedding on Saturday so really looking forward to that although it will no doubt be a booze/food filled day!

Fingers crossed I get a good result on the scales tomorrow so I can feel extra fab in my outfit! :)


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Hi girls,

Thanks for all the support today :D I was really good all day and I was in the school all morn baking for the 25th anniversary of tthe school, the minister was coming from Dublin so it was a big event loads of lovely food...not just our baking!!! I didn't eat a thing was very proud of myself but hubby is out tonight and as soon as the kids went to bed I opened a can of beer ...now on my 5th, very upset with not losing this week and now more upset that I'm drinking beer:(:(:(:(:(

I will drink gallons of water tom and try the Wii fit :(
Hey girls :)

I completely forgot I had put this exercise thread on here!

Anyway been doing the fitness coach on the wii and yesterday bought the new EA one for it which looks ace so gonna try that out tonight :D

Hows everyone else doin? x
I was doing really well with exercising for at least 30 minutes on wii fit everyday and then my daughter took the wii fit board to her friends and I missed a day and now I haven't exercised since!! This was over a week ago now. I really must get back on track. Might have a go tonight. I want EA but have only just got the fitness trainer one and haven't used that yet, so will have to put that to some use before buying EA.


taking it 1 day at a time
Well, I'm doing 15minutes dumbells every day. 50 crunches, and run 30 minutes 3 times a week.
Up until the start of the year I never did any exercise and can't believe how I feel now if I miss a session. It really is addictive. I started out my running by following the Couch to 5K program, I struggled to run for 60 seconds at a time back then but now I do 2x10 min runs, separated by a 60 sec walk, and a 5min swift walk warm up and cooldown. I haven't managed to do 5k yet but you never know, 1 day.
I couldn't run on Monday as my running partner, my hubbie, was too tired!! so I made up for it by doing 3x10 min sessions on my lateral thigh trainer. Hopefully he will be up for it this evening.
Thats the problem when you have a break isnt it I am exactly the same if I skip a night it all goes out the window! Let me know what you think of the fitness trainer x
Right I havent been able to do any exercise since the op but think I am properly recovered now so gonna start getting back into it with a bit of wii personal trainer :)

It is likely to bloody kill me being out of action for so long but got to start somewhere!

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