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Exercise Vs. Weight Loss (the scales don't budge!!)

Heyy everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone is in the same position as me...

At the beginning of my weight loss journey the pounds just dropped off me, now I'm nearer to my goal weight it's so much hard work to get the scales to budge!!

I'm a gym addict! I go everyday and train for a long time and very hard! I was speaking with my personal trainers about how my weight loss has stopped and the scales won't budge...

They said my training's catching up on me, and I'm putting on just as much muscle as I am losing fat!

Although this is lovely (and reassuring) to hear it's very offputting when the scales don't move!!

Has anyone else come to this point yet?? And are there ways to stop you from getting so disheartened about your lbs not dropping?? Are there other ways you measure your weight losses??

Sorry for the ramble, but I'd appreciate some reassurance and advice! :)

Hope you're all well minimins!! :D
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If your trainers reckon you're getting a muscle gain, the simplest way to measure your progress from this point on is bodyfat analysis, where the trainers will use calipers to check your current bodyfat percentage, and then check it again every so often. This will confirm if you are indeed losing fat but replacing it with muscle.
Measurements of your body size will also help.
I feel your pain!! I go to the gym for 90mins, 6 times a week and still no weight loss....been told im not eating enough or im building muscle but i dont want to turn out like a big body builder!! Just wish those pounds would start coming off cuz im trying really hard :( x
I think it's important to note that BMI can be affected by how much muscle tone a person has and that if you have a lot of muscle tone that a higher BMI can be healthy.

Getting your gym to check your body fat ratio seems to be a good way of checking out what's happening and will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Maybe it's time to trust how you feel in your own skin, make up your mind as to whether you feel slim, fit and confident rather than just looking to the scales to make the decision.

Good luck with those last few pounds.
A friend of mine in group walks about 60 miles a week and complaining she isn't losing, her doctor told her it is perfectly normal to maintain when exercising as you are losing weight and gaining muscle, the only time it's a problem is when you start gaining weight

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