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Exercise Whilst on LP

Im on week one, weigh in tuesday, im a regular gym user going about 4 times a week, and i play tennis about 2/3 times a week, i havent had the energy since i started LP but feeling great now but im just wondering as the LP is so little calories (under 500) would i be ok to still do the same as before? Theres a possibility i could be burning more than that on certain days (especially tennis match days) and wondered is it safe, any advice would be great, jackie
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no jackie,,you cant for a few weeks till your body gets used to the new diet,,they reccomend a little exercise after a few weeks,,hope this helps


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I am in week 2 and still defo couldn't exercise yet. I just cut the front garden grass (it is tiny) and had to sit for half an hour after it. Hoping to start soon though!


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hi jackie exercise isnt really advised for the first couple of weeks ,maybe try a bit of light exercise(walking) and see how you feel,ive just started the gym again xx


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Hi Hun yeah the others are right at least 2 weeks...however i started this week 9but only becasue i had to and felt ok ...but i am only going to be running twice a week max!!


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I started at the end of week 2 and was fine! I stuck to toning and light weights stuff rather than jogging for miles!!
thanks for the advice girls much appreciated, i too did my garden on saturday for 5 hours and had to sit down every hour or so! thought it was just me gettin old!!! il stick to dog walking and swimming for now, not sure how the girls are gonna take it at tennis as im down for matches!! oh well i come first, and just for the record, ive just been in spar for some sweetners and had to give myself a talking to as i passed the choc isle lol jackie


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where do you take your dog swimming, surley it cant play tennis as well? xlolx
hahah actually they probably could if i let em lol

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