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I will do this!!!
Wow 5/6 hours a week! I think with TFR diets your meant to take it easy with the exercise as your body is being put through the wars really. I doo 30-45mins a night of gentle aerobic exercise.


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I cycle the gym and back, so that's 30 mins! Then aim to do 40 boring mins of cardio and around 15 on weights, but the Ipod helps kill the time ! I don't pass out and turn white as casper so am leaving it for a couple of days :) Was just worried incase is slows the weight loss down some how


I will do this!!!
To be honest i dont know much other than your advised to keep it gentle and no exercise in the first week. Hopefully someone else who knows the right answer will be on to help soon!


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Me again Charl!!!

Well, as you said before, only 425 calories so not a hell of a lot...one of the side effects is dizziness..not eveyone gets them, but I am safe to say, the majority do! I did and they were quite bad.

It is recommended that you dont do too much aeorbic/cardio work...but, I know Howdy (male) does a lot at the gym...he might be the best to advise on this.

I would try and do a bit of exercise, only because I regret that I didnt at the beginning..there has been a debate for some time about whether you should or shouldnt. Someone asked LT and they said it was ok to do exercise though.

I would say, see what your body says, but, personally, dont do much the first week..this is the hardest time and your body is getting used to reduced calories, etc.....

I know others go to the gym, but I cant remember who off the top of my head.

See how you go, but dont push it too much...I think toning is more important!


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It keeps me on the straight and narrow - if I have been to a class I am more inclined to stick with the diet.

I think it's important to listen to your body as different people have different tolerances

I already went to the gym and in a week I tend to do a two or three spins, a couple of body pumps and a couple of body combats - with maybe a balance or two thrown in for good measure

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I thought it was advised to do as you feel comfortable. My energy has soared since doing this and I only started onthe 3rd! But I'm not quite ready for the gym so I've been walking a bit more and cleaning extra vigorously :D

When I'm ready for the gym it's gonna be mostly resistance training and I'd like to build some muscle and tone as I lose.

Do what you're comfortable with -we are NOT living on just 425 calories- we are living off our already stored fat so I for one have plenty of fuel!


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I only do about 10 mins on my airstrider machine thingy every other day but that is done to my own really poor fitness anywhere. I will be starting to go swimming a couple of times a week very soon for the toning side - but I am not going to push it too much until my overall cardio fitness improves.


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Wotcha :)

I go down the gym most days after work - it's a great work out to destress & I'm so chilled out when I get home :D Plus I get to check out all the fittys ;) :eek:

Here's a typical session for me..

30 min core work cycling crunches, leg raise & holds, butterfly pulls & holds, one leg squat & holds etc - they KILL lol
3 miles x-trainer
4 x 50 butterflys
4 x 50 shoulder pulls
4 x 20 arm curls
4 x 20 tricep pulls
4 x 20 shoulder presses
10 mins steamroom
10 lengths breast stroke

BED ! lol :D

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