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Yes loads of us do. I walk about 26 miles a week and I also do a lot of toning exercises and one yoga class a week.

Although it's worth pointing out that anyone just starting one of the low calorie plans should take the exercise a bit easy for a couple of weeks until their body is used to the diet. If you're already exercising you should be fine, if you're just starting don't do both at the same time. Just until you're body is used to the kcal drop.

Go for muscle toning. Muscle burns kcals just by being there.


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I do swimming and thats about it, some walking but no more than an hour a day most days.

Am away to start toning exercises in the house for the days i cannot get to the pool.


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I've started at the gym ,but I told them I wanted to tone and strengthen, so they have catered my programme to this.Don't forget you are not eating many calories on SS so u might not have as much energy as you think you have..Love
I'm a bit nuts and try to do spinning classes 3 times a week, but as I'm restarting SS I've decided to give it a miss for a week or two.
Spinning classes are bonkers and you really hate it after the first class, but once you go back it is really addictive.
You really feel like you've worked out and you sweat buckets (gross - I know) My hot tip is to buy some padded shorts, cos I felt like I'd given birth!!
I also like BodyJam classes, which are a mixture of dance, hiphop salsa etc, Its a really fun class so you want to go back. It tends to be ladies only so it's a great place to meet friends of all shapes & sizes not just the skinnies!

My advice would be to stick to classes to start with, cos you are motivated to keep up and try something fun, not scary. I get really bored working out on my own and also cheat so i'm not working my hardest.
In my gym you are allowed to watch a class first to see what its like, this way you can also check out the other ppl and decide if you're gonna feel comfortable, which is a BIG deciding factor for me.

As for the weight loss, I found that my weight plateaued for a bit, but the inches melted away. I also had to drink loads more water.

I hope this helps
Y xx
I am curious about building muscle when on the diet!! I know muscle weighs more than fat, so wouldnt you see a weight gain on the scales as you build muscle??

I would really like to start strength training a month into the diet but i am worried that it will prevent weight loss.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you xx
My view is that although muscle weighs more than fat its the muscle that makes us burn more calories and its also the inches mean more to us.
Remember weight loss is not just about how much you weigh but how fit & healthy you are and the all important dress size.
It is really disheartening when you don't lose pounds, but when you can walk into zara, river island, topshop etc and try on clothes that fit (and nearly buy the whole shop) your last weigh in is the last thing on oyur mind.

Just remember to take it slow steady especially while SSing. I nearly passed out in the summer after overdoing it at the gym - I thought i'd be fine cos I had all this energy but My body obviously wasn't ready.
Thank you for your advice powderedjourney. I know building muscle would help burn more calories and help lose inches, but i just kinda want to be at that magic number on the scales. I intend to do alot of exercising and training when i finish ssing, like i used to do in the past. I guess i just get worried about the strength training affecting my weight loss because i have been trying to lose weight for so long and i would get upset if after all the hard work of living off just shakes didnt pay off.

I will prabably look into it after a month on ssing. I think by then i might be confident enough to actually walk into a gym and not feel paranoid and like everyone is looking at me.

Thanks again for the advice, i really appreciate it. I hope you are doing well with your diet :)

I have found when im cycling hard i dont lose a lot of weight about half a pound a week but when im on a rest and recovery week i lose about 2lb there abouts. However im on 790 and i go up and down the stages depending on whether im racing or not. My training and cd programme tends to go in monthly cycles ie 2 weeks on 790 1 week on 1,000 pre race week and 1500 or maybe more on race week depending on length of race.
Everyone is very different and i think if training its trial and error.
Weight training for weight loss should be low intensity and high volume so therefore low weights and 25 reps. for about 6 weeks after that you can increase the weights and do 3 sets of 8 reps. Only increase the weights when you can do all 3 sets easily. If you dont want to build big muscle and only want to tone and burn cals dont do big weights. Hope that is of some help although very very basic.:D
Hi Maybe
I'm great at giving advice but not so great at using my own!!
I restarted with CD after putting on 2 stone after losing on LL in the summer.
So, i've just had my 1st WI - 3 lbs which is not bad - but I cheated v badly last night
:whoopass: :banghead:
and am struggling today.
aww, naughty naught, :p lol. Its ok though because its difficult to get back onto such low cals after eating normally. I sometimes worry that i might put my weight back on that li lose from CD. But i am determined to keep it off and have put alot of things into place to make sure i dont gain. I'm thinking i might join slimming world or a slimming club jut sto maintain my weight.
I hope you do well this week. Keep strong :)

Sallies - Thanks for the training tips. I really want to start building up muscle so i will take your advice and start low and increase gradually.

Do you need to have an extra pack if you are exercising to make up for the calories that you are burning?

Do you work out before you eat or after?



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I started cycling on my excerise bike the same time I started CD, I started at maybe 2 -5 km at a time and gradually built it up, I started to feel a little rough and cut down and then built up again. I'm now 90 odd days ssing and I jump on the bike most nights and do between 10 - 40k's.

I think the main thing is to listen to your body, take a break from excersise if you feel you've done to much.. keep at it if you feel you can do more. Build up slowly though!

Good luck!
I used to be into mountain biking and would love to be able to take this up again. I'll have to start off slow just around the neighbourhood until my body is ready before I hit the trails.

Keep up the good work Rooster!
I have a shake before I go out but if im feeling really really hungry I will sometimes have poridge but it really depends on which stage of my training im at. My regime is so very different to most on here.
Most people ss would just be on their usual shakes and take their training very low intensity until the weight has gone but because im racing and training hard mine is slightly different.
My advise to you as a gym instructor and cycle coach would be start after the first 2 weeks on ss and keep it to no more than an hour a day of very low intensity. Its best to train with a heart rate monitor on and keep your heart rate in the zone 1 and 2 which will keep you in the fat burning zone. You will lose weight by doing that. If you up the intensity then weight loss is slower and sometimes even appears to stand still while your fitness will improve.
The best way is to keep to that low intensity until the weight has gone. I AM NOT A CC so my advise is only that as stated above.
Oh to clarify zone 1 and 2 depend upon your resting heart rate and max heart rate.
Another thing worth noting if you train with a heart rate monitor and you take your resting heart rate before you get up in a morning it should be the same most mornings. If it drops or rises by more than 5 beats a minute its time for a rest folks, or you could be going down with a sickness, cold etc. If it drops one morning by a beat or two and stays there your fitness is improving.
Oh dear ive gone on a bit.:blahblah: just a bit passionate about what i do and enjoy it so much i just wanna share it with everyone.:D
I used to be into mountain biking and would love to be able to take this up again. I'll have to start off slow just around the neighbourhood until my body is ready before I hit the trails.

Keep up the good work Rooster!
I do hope that you take it up again its such great fun. If you still have your bike get out their the sun is shinning and its just so care free. Please do keep me posted as to how your getting on. There are some great cycling events and clubs in your area.


Don't worry about how much muscle weighs Maybe Baby; while you're on Sole Source you will not be able to build muscle. You can, however, train muscle - get stronger and fitter, increase your strength and endurance, increase bone density - the list of benefits to strength training is a long one. :)

PowderedJourney, ooh, BodyJam, I love BodyJam :)

Did you do the last release with the Bollywood block?


If you dont want to build big muscle and only want to tone and burn cals dont do big weights.
This is a myth, a popular one but a myth all the same - women don't have enough testosterone to build big muscles. Even men have to work very hard if they want to build muscle! If you lift lighter weights for more reps you are mostly building endurance. If you lift heavier weights for fewer reps you are mostly building strength. That's the main difference :)

As a woman you can lift heavy weights without worrying too much about getting Arnie Shoulders[FONT=verdana, arial]:)
im one of those that build big muscle so it can be done;) :)

I am the same way! Especially my calves. (from cycling)

I do like lifting weights though and with these batwings I'm sure alittle lifting isn't going to hurt just as long as the batwings don't turn me into Arnold! LOL

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