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Sorry, but I am using old books, and I can't find anywhere that tells you how to calculate activity points. It says to use your points booster. Is there a quick way of calculating acticity points. I do quite alot, and am only allowed 18 pointys, so to be allowe a couple of extra on days when I run would be good!!

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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
weight in lbs X no of mins X 0.000232 (low intensity)
X 0.00033 (medium intensity)
X 0.00081 (high intensity)
Wow. Thanks for quick reply. That looks complicated. Sure it isn't. Is jogging medium intensity. Feels high to me but thats probs cos I'm not that good at it!

My 30 minute jog comes out at 1.5 points. Thanks for that. I usually run a bit furtehr and faster, but not been well. MAkes you realise doesn't it. Feels like really ahrd work for 1.5 points, but makes you relaise how easy it is for the weight to pile on if eating too much and moving too little. Thanks for your help.



Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah i sprint 2 miles a day which i class as high intensity and i still only get 3pts. Although i dont use them, im on 19pts and i dont use my AP because i want my weight loss to be faster.
I susally to 5km in around 28 mins, or 6.5km in 36 minutes. I do 36 mins cos this was what it took me to do 5km when I first started doing them. I don't really want to use them, apart from anything I'm always really sceptical that it works like that really. But good to kow I can use them. An extra 6 points not used could be used towards wine on the few weekends I share a bottle. Running certainly make you feel better. Especially if you can get out and do it in the Spring like weather we've been having.

Thanks for your help.



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Low = Regular breathing, no sweating and can still talk & sing
Medium = Often and deep breathing, sweating after 10 mins, talking but no singing!
High = rapid and deep breathing, sweating 3-5minutes, talking briefly and definately no karaoke!

Thanks Shabba. Think I'll count it as medium. The sweat is absolutely drippoing off me by the end. But I interval is. Periods of sprinting, and jogging, but just not stopping. Like I say I don't really want to use them, but useful to know if can earn a glass of wine if need be.


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Guys, have just gate crashed your postings, but see if you do exercise but still stick to your daily allowance...do you personally think that by not using your exercise points you will lose more weight?



Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
ofcourse science dictates you should lose more weight if you exercise but dont use the point earned. e.g i have 19pts a day, lets say thats the equivelent to 1900 calories and i earn 5 activity points, i would be burning 500 calories and thus would have eaten the equivelent of 14 points.
I just don't believe that running 5k, and using what they deem to be 600 cals, actually means I can eat 600 cals without it affecting my weight. I know from past experience that this is just not true!! I think your bosy gets used to the exercise it does, and so that stops. Just my unscientific ramblings!!



Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
but you have to take into account muscle gain so although you may look like you have put on weight, its likely to be muscle weight which has replaced fat.

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