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OK, I suppose no diet can go without exercise. Have rejoined the gym and will be heading there tomorrow evening....


What kind of exercise should I do, should I have my shake before I go...will I have enough energy....any ideas or good websites I should go to to design a workout for myself...

Any input/help would be great....
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Great question, sorry I'm unable to help very much but I've been wanting to know the exact same thing.

I think because we're on a VLCD we need to take it easier than normal. I'm sure a CDC or some professional at VLCD's will be along shortly and give you the full info and correct me if I'm wrong.

From your signature I can see you've been doing Cambridge for quite a while now so I think all should be ok? Well done on your great losses x x
My counsellor said it wasn't too safe to exercise if on SS (which I was thrilled to hear!) as it's the glycogen in our muscles that repairs them after we exercise. If SSing we have no glycogen, therefore, we can wear down lean muscle and the body has no way of repairing it.
I would love to exercise though, just to speed things up a bit.
She told me in moderation it would be ok, low impact sports such as swimming etc or CD have their own DVD of recommended activity.

Don't know if this helps. I'm sure you'll have a CDC with the correct info shortly!


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I would not do it if I was you, I didn't do anything when on SS and still had great losses, in fact I tried to do my bike once and nearly passed out. I would go easy on your body - plenty of time to go to the gym when you get to goal. If you loose lean muscle tissue it means you will get saggy skin. CDC will advise you soon. Love bcd


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My CDC told me that if you exercised before starting SS you should be able to keep exercising - just take it easy for the first couple of weeks, and if you didn't wait at least two weeks before embarking on any exercise so that your body can get used to decreased calories.

I have always done two aerobics & toning classes per week for the last 18 mths and when I started on SS just went along as normal but didn't put quite as much effort in. Now I am throwing myself about as well as the rest of them and I personally feel so much better after a class.

My CDC also said that if needed after a class that I could have a small AAM. I never needed that option but I know its there.

Good luck with whatever decision you make regarding the gym.
Thanks y'all - my reason for asking is it's more trying to get the tummy muscles in order after having 2 kids...I am seeing the loss on my tummy, but I'm also seeing that horrid flipping lack of tone on my tummy as well. I don't want to go hell for leather IYKWIM....just some work on the exercise bike and walking on the treadmill...

My last big exercise blast was at the beginning of June - I did a 10km thing that I had committed to do before CD. I did eat some chicken and veg plus a granola bar to help me do it...and I had a good loss that week....


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The advice I always give is conversational exercise i.e. you should be able to talk normally while doing it.

I would specifically recommend swimming, bike riding, pilates, yoga, stretching and toning.

Swimming I believe is best for muscle toning but not too many hard lengths as you will feel like you have flu afterwards.

Just be gentle with yourself but at the same time getting active is good.


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Swimming I believe is best for muscle toning but not too many hard lengths as you will feel like you have flu afterwards.

Just be gentle with yourself but at the same time getting active is good.
Yep that is so true, when I first started I used to spend 3 hours a day in the gym in a frantic bid to reel in my skin as I slimmed down - I was always starving afterwards and as the weeks progressed I began to feel worse and worse. According to the cardiovascular machines I was burning more calories at the gym than I was actually consuming :eek:

I decided to cancel my membership for a bit and take up swimming instead.

Only trouble is I haven't actually managed the take up swimming bit yet :eek:

But yes light excercise will be fine just don't over do it and listen to your body :)
I'm also thinking of exercising more. What i do at the mo is lots of walking and a bit of dancing here and there. I also do alot of my house chores (and everybody elses, lol, i have too much energy).

But i dont think alot of exercise at the gym is a good idea. But things like swimming, walking and dancing are good. Just take things at your own pace and stop when you feel like you've done enough or you start to feel uncomfortable.

I was thinking of maybe using some toning tables because thats a good way to tone up when on SS. Maybe you could do that?? Or take a class at the gym which doesnt require too much exercising.

I am going to wait untill i am on 1000/1200cals untill i join the gym.

Talk to your CDC and see what they have to say :) xx

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