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I'm losing ok and I'm not exercising at all really. I work full time, 9 hours a day, by the time I get home I just want to eat and sit down and relax. The only exercise I do at the weekend is walking around the shops!

I want to start exercising and I need to as well - need to tone up all over. Was planning to join a gym when I got into the 12's, and that's only 5lbs away. Money and time are an issue though ...


I personally find exercise a lot more enjoyable and easier to control than my eating, so it's a key tool for me in my weight loss.

Plenty of people though don't hit the gym and still successfully lose weight and not necessarily any slower. You don't have to slog it out in the gym either if you did fancy introducing some exercise, wearing a pedometer and setting yourself a target to hit can make a big difference.


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Thanx!! I've got a gym membership but not been for a few weeks. Dont really njoy going but know I have 2. Wish I cud get into some form of exercise I njoy x


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I go to gym several times a week to use cardio machines, go Nordic walking when it's not too windy, & go to pilayrs at least 2x week. I was going as well to a yoga class for stretching, bit the instructor isn't quite what I'm looking for so looking for other classes in the area to try. I think it helped my losses, & helps me maintain, plus keeps me flexible & strong & even helps my mood & to sleep better.


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i lost 46lb, without exercise, just walking a bit to town,and i'm not working, but i would like to go to gyn,.is always better, u lose more and your body stay firmer...


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Christie u r far 2 energetic!!! Dont know where u get ur energy from. I quite like zumba. Do u think 2 zumba sessions a week wud make much difference? X


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My mum lost 3.5 stone and did absolutely no exercise!!!! However I love playing netball and I go the gym a minimum of twice a week despite working long stressful shifts but that's because I enjoy it and it makes me feel great :) all about personal preference but it's great for toning and firming :) xxx


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Ok. I know exactly where you're coming from here. I don't enjoy exercise very much and used to worry about this same thing. Once in a while I would go for walks but not often enough to count as regular exercise. I've still lost over 40lbs though? Don't fret if you can't get _into_ exercise straight off. It takes a while. What I'm doing now is the C25k challenge. Its only 30 mins 3 times a week & just completed week 1. Rather than doing this to aid weight loss, I'm actually doing it to alleviate my depression (exercise is supposed to help). I have a thread made for c25k, take a look if you want xXx

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Thanx, think I'm gonna start zumba after Christmas. I dont want to start now and feel like I've let myself down cos I'm so busy at mo. I have tried jogging before and it really hurt my knees and got bad shin splints so don't think the 25k challenge wud b for me x


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Zumba is great fun!! You can put in as much as you want and not have to worry too much.

I have started exercising as i keep reading magazine articles about women who lost a lot of weight but were left with flaps of skin... the idea that can happen to me terrifies me. I know i will have loose skin but if i can minimise the damage then it can only be good! x