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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Lennie08*, 3 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lennie08*

    Lennie08* Full Member

    Morning everybody - so what exercises do people do and when and where.

    Atm I cycle to work 3-4 times a week, roughly a 20-25 minute journey each way and have a vibration plate at home which I use first thing in the morning when I get up and immediately on arrival at home from work when my muscles are still burning from my bike ride
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  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I'm so envious of people who cycle, I'm a wimp, roads are scary and as a driver, I worry I'll annoy people like some annoy me!
    I have a routine of ;
    Monday; 20 mins cross trainer, 5 minues squat boxing
    Tuesday; 30 day shred
    Wednesday: 20 mins cross trainer, 5 minutes squat boxing
    Thursday: 30 day shred
    Friday: 20 mins cross trainer, 5 minutes squat boxing
    Saturday: Rest day
    Sunday: Evening run

    I'm also doing the 30 day squat, arm and ab challenges but they alternate days!

  4. Lennie08*

    Lennie08* Full Member

    Roads scare me too, I ride on the pavement but it is quite quiet when i set out as the two local schools have just gone in, also halfway through my journey I cycle through a park and then use a shortcut that has no traffic, its just the dog walkers that have to beware lol!
    I did the 30 day squat and ab challenge before xmas, it nearly killed me by about day 10 but I have to say that I did fit nicely into a dress for a wedding that I went to so the pain was a gain!!!
    Might try that again soon as was easy to fit into my mornings before leaving the house :)
    Wow Llamasoks, you really get the excercise in, respect!!!
  5. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I live with quite rural roads, so not a lot of pavement and a lot of bendy country roads, that and I don't think I've even been on a bike in a few years! :p My youngest dog hates bikes, I always find myself apologizing to cyclists!

    I love the squat challenge, but think it's bulking me out a bit too much so trying to do more Cardio, it doesn't feel like I'm doing a lot, which is odd as it's more than I've ever done before!
  6. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    I usually do Combat and Pump classes which I love. Unfortunately I fell over a month ago and really hurt my ankle/foot. Went to the drs yesterday and they think its just ligament damage. havent done combat since anyway but have done some pump but the dr has told me not to until it stops hurting as it still puts weight on the ankle joint. So am gutted as I love Pump!

    I'm allowed to go on the weight machines at the gym where you sit down and just do upper body - whoop-de-doo! So am going to have to do that for the time being - if I can stand the boredom

    I might have to start the ab challenge
  7. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I know it completely sucks having to cut it out when you're used to it, but I've made the mistake of carrying on when it hurt before and it makes it so much worse in the long run!
    Are you okay to walk/stand kind of weight? If so you could do some static boxing, good Cardio and slightly less boring than weights!
  8. sarah11

    sarah11 Full Member

    I'm not really an exercise person, but I've got a buggy board on my pram and I push my 2 kids (aged 2 and 5) a mile to school every weekday on that. We are usually in a rush lol so I think it must be quite a good workout. Also, i've just started going to a zumba class once a week and I absolutely love it! It doesn't really feel like exercise because it's so much fun. I'm going to go twice a week as soon as i'm financially able. I would actually go every day if I could :) xx
  9. Lennie08*

    Lennie08* Full Member

    I Love Zumba, shame there's not a class at a suitable time for me atm tho :( Checked all our local gym etc just a few weeks back and it always on at either inconvenient times or days when I need someone to look after my boys.
  10. emma_88

    emma_88 Silver Member

    I have a routine of the following:

    Kettlecise class
    Wednesday: Step & Tone class
    Thursday: Metafit (First class tonight!) & Kettlebells

    Absolutely love all the above classes and I actually look forward to them, is that sad? Haha. :D
  11. Lennie08*

    Lennie08* Full Member

    Emma_88 - Most def not sad - a few years ago before my youngest started school I used to go to classes on a Thursday and Friday and used to sooo look forward to them. I had originally started with a few friends but they all chickened out and in the end it was only me that went but enjoyed it a lot and eventually joined the womens gym part of it. Unfortunately the work thing and the fact the gym was knocked down to build flats threw a complete spanner in the works there and have never been able to find classes that fit in around everything so have do most exercise from home.
  12. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Total respect to anyone that does classes, I'm a total people-phobe, I just shut myself away so people can't see me sweating and turning into a tomato!
  13. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    It's great that you enjoy your classes Emma and congratulations on your great weight loss! I have a lot of weight to lose(aiming for 5 stone initially), at the moment I walk for an hour as many days of the week as I can, I have also started swimming again(hate the walk of shame to the pool!) but once I am in there I do 20 lengths, I'm trying to get up the courage to start a keep fit class as well...x
  14. Slan22

    Slan22 Member

    I try and do at least 4 hrs walking or jogging a week, and I'm starting swimming on Saturday too.
  15. sarah11

    sarah11 Full Member

    Lennie, have you tried putting your postcode in on the official zumba website? it will come up with a list of all the available zumba classes near you in village halls ect x
  16. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    I don't do any official exercise that can be labelled as such, but I do think my job helps. As a teacher I spend minimum 4 hours a day in lessons walking around a classroom. I have between 4 and 5 lessons to teach per day of 1 hour each, never sit down during a lesson and because of the layout of my classroom, spend a lot of time walking around it to assist pupils who need help. I also walk around during registration period and on break duties. Yes, I know it is a slowish amble with lots of stops when I am standing by a desk and chatting to pupils, but I do think it is far, far better than my old job which was a desk based office job.

    Does that count, do you think?
  17. Karenn W

    Karenn W Member

    I swim every day Monday to Friday, also on Tuesdays and Sundays I do a 45 minute power walk, and on Wednesday morning I do a Yoga/Pilates class. I am sure it is aiding my weight loss and altering my shape. I'm not a gym person, it just doesn't do it for me- but swimming…heaven!
  18. HarryRu

    HarryRu Full Member

    I am yet to do any exercise apart from occasionally walk the dog of a evening.

    I'm joining the gym this month and will be cycling and swimming. Dreading it but looking forward to my body changing from exercise and I know that it will get easier with time :)
  19. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    I cycle to work Mon - Fri (15 mins cycle each way, so half an hour a day), and go jogging with my friend. We're also a members of my local DW gym with 10% discount as a Council employee, so for £34 per month I get unlimited classes, pool and gym. I really enjoy the classes, and having an instructor to keep you going, and some loud music to boost the mood. My favourite classes are Body Combat; Aerobics; Metafit and Legs Bums and Tums (which is actually quite a tough class despite its name with the instructor I have. I used to love pump as well, but due to times of classes that seems to have gone by the wayside. I have real aversion to wearing a swimsuit in public, so don't get much use out of the pool, and I really don't like the gym with all those contraptions in it (I agree with Pama Ayres on all that). :)
  20. Lisa YoYo

    Lisa YoYo Silver Member

    I swim 3 times a week usually doing 80 lengths a time under an hour. Plus I walk an hour three times a week to the pool and back :)

    Lisa x
  21. sareypoop

    sareypoop Full Member

    I do step class or legs bums and tums on a Tuesday. Zumba on a Thursday and Zumba, aquafit and Half an hour swimming on a Sunday.

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