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    Hi guys
    I wondered if anyone has had some definitive advice on exercise. I have read a fair bit and still not sure if exercise is recommended. Obviously increasing steps per day and actually moving is great plus using the ball and rubber band when you get it, but i am talking about sessions in the gym where you come out a funny colour!!!! Any thoughts on this?
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    I can only speak from my own experience. I do two high energy jazz dance classes each week. I've found I don't have as much stamina as I did before starting the diet, so I'm careful not to push myself too much in case I get exhausted. My body doesn't seem to have the resources to draw on, understandably since it has no glycogen stores and few carbs available.
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    I think the general consensus is that gentle / moderate exercise is OK. Not enough to make you really sweat or pant ... walking, cycling, swimming (or similar activities at the gym) are all OK. Resistance exercise is also good as it tones the muscles which are the very things that burn the fat. Again, 'resistance' is the key word - definitely no 'Arnie' iron-pumping exercises!

    I go to the gym and do just 5 minutes on each cardio machine on low-ish settings - enough to 'warm me up' but I don't lash sweat. In between each cardio machine, I do a couple of weights machines so my heart-rate can come down a little before the next cardio machine. I work my way around the gym like that - a work-out takes about 30 - 45 minutes by the time I've visited each machine.

    It's a matter of getting the balance right: some people mistakenly think that if they go at it like an Olympian, they'll consequently lose more weight ... they won't. The severe calorie demand coupled with the severe calorie deficit can induce the body into adopting 'survival mode' causing it to hang on to fat reserves - sacrificing muscle in its place.

    So - only exercise that leaves you with a smile on your face would be my advice! ;)
  5. magickmel

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    I get a bit confused about the whole exercise thing too. There is one member of my LL group who does gym, golf, swimming, walking every week and yet she is losing the least weight of any of us. I know this could be for many reasons but its a bit off-putting. Wonder of her fat is just being replaced by muscle ? Anybody know if this is possible ?
  6. Kate

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    It's not possible to build muscle on a VLCD, so no. Gentle exercise is a very good idea indeed as making exercise part of your life will help you keep the weight off in the long run. High intensity exercise should really be avoided while you're on a VLCD because (even if you feel great while you're doing it) with virtually no carbs in your diet, your body doesn't have the ready stores of glycogen that you need and will struggle to convert body fat quickly enough to be used for fuel.

    Always remember that if you're exercising, particularly if it's structured exercise e.g. at the gym, you need to drink extra water before, during and after your workout.

    Exercise shouldn't speed up your weight loss, basically because if you are doing enough exercise to make a significant difference to your losses, then you should be eating more.
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  7. htpink

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    I'm started exercising before i went on ss and have definitely noticed a drop in my energy level and stamina particularly since starting - i just adjust my exercise accordingly - i reckon anything i can do is worth doing!
  8. magickmel

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    Lighter Life and now CD
    Interesting Kate, thanks ! I think I will stick to upping my number of steps walked per day rather than launching into anything too vigorous. I do get a bit floaty headed sometimes so I don't think anything too strenous at this stage would be good.

    Yes anything I can do will help but I do feel my energy is fairly low at times
  9. 10stonesize10

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    I work out , and when I did 5 days my lose slowed down , after more than 5 months on this crazy diet I have lost more than anyone in my group by far , I look better and my body is in far better shape over all.I started working out 3 days
    Just do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! as the ad says.
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