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on the road to slimdom
when i picked up my stuff on monday, the pharmacist discussed exercise and said i should avoid it in the first two weeks...her exact words were "you wont feel like it anyway".

well i feel fine, so do you think it would be ok to go to my normal aqua aerobics class tonight or should i leave it for a week or two? :confused:
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Go with how you feel but if you are on early part of day 3 you may not have hit the crappy feeling yet or indeed you may not get it at all and may fly along.

Listen to your body. I always did a lot of sports all my life and I couldn't move for the first 2 weeks as my muscles were soooo tired. But then I felt fine. The people that come into trouble are the ones that force exercise when they feel unwell. But if you decide to exercise I would take it VERY easy.


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I would go, but take it very handy. U want ur body at its best over the next few days whilst u hit ketoses.

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Hi hun. :) Personally I'd go to the class but the second I started to feel unwell (if at all) I'd be out of that pool! Let us know what you decide to do :)
As Sara says, listen to your body, if you feel up to it go for it but Gem is right, as soon as you feel weak, get out of the pool.

Enjoy your evening, whatever you end up doing.



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just go along and see how you get on, just don't over excert yourself
I agree with the comments above go but if you feel rough get out of the pool, you dont want to get out of the habit of going because its harder to get back into even if its a couple of weeks


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I have access to the work gym go on my break, always rearing to when I get in there after a short while I feel really tired but am told thats normal, I am only on week two at the moment, so just trying to build up my stamina slowly.
Listen to your body but as everyone is saying don't over do it.
I started exercising after week1 and i always felt fine - i think its a really good thing to do - it gets u out of the house and exercise always makes you feel good - produces happy stuff - and not to mention its healthy and helps to burn some extra calories and tone up!

I miss my exercises I have been not been going due to so many excuses that have just threw me off course - deffo want to get back into and get my last stone and a half off pronto and tone up!

You have got some great advice here - just go and if it feels good do it! xox

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