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Guess who's back...?
Hi everyone!

Only 13 days until I get started. Wooooohoooooo!!

I am a member of Curves, but wasn't sure whether I'd still be able to do the workouts... I had heard somewhere that exercise was a no-no because of the lack of calories consumed...

I am focused on not only shifting weight, but also toning up and sculpting my body into never before seen shapes! :worthy: Lol!

If exercise is not recommended - what is the opinion of Slendertone belts for the tummy and thighs? Do they 1. work and 2. compliment LL?

What is the best plan!

CAN'T WAIT TO GET GOING! Thank you all for your amazing support so far - hugs xxxxx

Annaphylactic xxxx
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Hi There,

We were encouraged to move more not less when I started. All through the diet I was walking for the minimum of an hour a day and most weekdays two hours. I just listened to my body and if it told me it was too much I would stop or just slow down. On my pedometer I did more or less 10 000 steps a day. I think just do what your body feels comfortable with the first week or so you will feel tired and lethargic but after that your energy levels should be fairly high.
Each person is different I guess so see how you go and how you feel. I actually wanted to move more, strange feeling I tell you ;).
All the best of luck.


Why Be Normal?
Hi annaphylactic,

(And cute name). I think Tange is right -- our counselor told us that if we'd already been doing something to carry on if we felt okay. She did suggest that we "make it through" the first week and then go with the program, if hadn't been doing any exercise. The second week you get a pedometer and are asked to start trying to do 10,000 steps a day. Then, the weekly DVDs include "movement" information on pilates type exercises that you are asked to try and incorporate into your day. And so forth. I have no idea about the other things, sorry.



Guess who's back...?
Oh cool - thanks Tange and Minniemel... I had no idea that the LL programme included pedometers and DVDs etc... wow... I can't put into words how excited I am... this may wane after a few days of no chewing however, gulp... gonna miss food :(, but the end result is far more favourable so no question! Let me at 'em!! xx A xx


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Its good to be nervous about starting, the chewing you will be able to do in week two with your bar so hang in there inweek one. It can get tough but thats when you know you need to just work through it. Good luck I can't wait to see your first wonderful weight loss.

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