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Can I ask for a show of hands?! Who does exercise and who doesn't? I can't decide whether to or not as I really hate it! I should probably do some crunches and some kind of tricep exercise to minimise the wobbliness

Also I guess adding in exercise would change my lifestyle for the long term

I know I should, but wondered how vital it was on the program and how much it affects/doesn't affect your weight loss

Advice please!
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Hi hun Ive started cycling to and from work 3miles each way and now considering the gym


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Hi. I go to the gym 6 days a week for about 1 1/2 hours. It has slowed down my losses actually but my inch loss has been fantastic! And I feel great afterwards. I never used to do any exercise at all but now I love it! I say go for it!

Claire xx


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i try to run 3 miles 4 nights a week, most weeks do 3 nights tho. but 9 miles a week is nothing to stick 2 fingers up at!

also do excercise ball at home, and the occasional spinning class..


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I'm trying to lose a few more lbs plus to maintain I found that exercise is vital. I just go to the gym three times a week and find that it makes me behave because there is no way I'm going to cheat after putting myself through the hell of the gym.
I have started recording exercise programmes on Sky+ as you tend to get bored doing the same old thing all the time, I have a mixture recorded now such as, yoga, belly dancing, caribbean workout and I mix these with 3 mile walks, plus vigorous housework. I also do 50 sit-ups every night.


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I have only just found enough energy to start exercise. Im on day 11 and for the first 8-9 days I couldnt have done a thing. I did quite a lot before starting and have missed it so have just started slowly, I did 20 mins on Wii Fit last night (used to do an hour min) and it really tired me out. I think you have to do what you feel comfortable with while on this diet :)


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Ive just started the gym but its took this long before i did any excercise apart from walking the dog.Id def say do what you can.Kirsty whos on here started off the same weight and height as me and she went to the gym and looks fab!!! You can see the difference her going and me not in her body shape photos.
You might not loose as much weight but its more about toning with me now.
Go on ebay but a stepper and step away lol
Thats a great idea about recording fitness programmes on sky never thought of that one lol.


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Ive only really been going swimming but really should up it xx
exercise is the key so id get started when you feel ready and keep it up rather than stopping once the weight is off as i know thats what some do

start out light and then build it up


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I go to the gym 3 times a week and have done since week 2. I also do a lot more walking from work and that helps too! It really does help and on weeks when the weight loss hasn't been so good, the difference in inches all over me is amazing. I have lost so many inches and I put that down to the gym. I used to go 3 times a week before the diet (and before I got so big) so really glad I'm back into it again and love it now!
Paid £250.00 for a years membership so I'd better get my a** in gear and trundle over to the gym! Already told my work friends that I was going tonight. Just take it easy at first, some walking at a fast pace for 30 mins can really give you a lift. Waited until I finished my first week tho, so I dont have any more excuses!! Go for it!!


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Thanks everyone - I guess it's obvious that you'd have a better body shape when you exercise

Feeling rubbish today on day 10 but at the weekend I'm going to get my trainers out and start walking, building up to jogging

I'll have to get some new tracky bottoms as I wore mine for painting my son's bedroom and now they're all splatted blue!



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does exercising really slow your weight loss?????

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