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Ok Peeps,
I need to ask about exercise. Currently i do none!
I know it's the same old excuse but i really find it hard to find time...the only time i get is probably early evening when DH gets home and i've got a lovely new bike which i know i should use but at the moment it is gathering dust:(
Actually, you know what, there is no bloody excuse...i have a lovely park only minutes away with great cycle paths so i'm going to have a ride later on.

What exercise do you do? Do you think it helps with weight loss? How long do you exercise for?
Can anyone recommend a decent fitness DVD? I've got that Charlie Brookes one but i find the sequences quite difficult....i have no co-ordantation (sp) at all.:D
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Just keep swimming
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I walk between 2 - 4 miles every evening with the OH, who is also trying to lose weight. I am considering the new personal trainer pack for the wii....thank goodness for teenagers and all their gadgets LOL.


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I don't do any exercise i know i should, i do have my fitness pal for the Wii but have never used it. Im sure you'll enjoy your bile ride once your out there.


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Not a lot in all honesty! :eek:
Love swimming but bikini is no longer flattering so thats a no-no lol

I help with kids riding lessons at the stables and ride once a week thats good exercise but once a week i don't think it really counts :rolleyes:

Need to start walking more tbh used to walk for hours at a time and loved it with the dog but now i tend to take the tennis ball and cheat!

Wii fit i use occasionally, so i guess my problem is that i do exercise but nowhere near enough to have any impact.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the bike ride once your there and its great after you've exercised because you feel good about it, its just actually getting the motivation to do some!

I can't even use the excuse that i have no time really because although i do a fair amount of hours at work i know i could fit exercise in 99% of the time but i don't :copon:


Happy to be slim at last
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I walk every day as well. I do between and 1 and 2 hours a day, spread over 2 or 3 walks. I have found it has really helped and an hour walking burns about 250ish cals (I think) so good for the fat burning.


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I love exercise...well the feeling you get from it. I have always exercised every day...gawd knows how I got to be such a chubblett...gosh I must have over eaten a fair bit.
Anyway I usually do three dog walks they add upto about an hour/hour and half, I have started running (it's really jogging in slow motion at the moment, but I am getting there) and that lasts about 30/40 minutes including a 10 minute warm up (that I do every other day) and I do plenty of toning exercises (crunches, arm weights, squats, lunges etc) for about 15 minutes per day. My fav exercise without a shadow of a doubt is dancing though...I have a few dancercise type DVDs but usually end up doing my own thing.

I think the key is finding something you enjoy, the only exercise my sister does is housework (and she loves it...strange girl) and she is as skinny as a latt. However I have seen her attack the windows, or clean the floor and she is a woman possessed.
Whatever you choose...just do it everyday, even if it is just a nice walk in the sunshine...it all gives you that feel good factor...and the bod you want.


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S: 15st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 3st5lb(21.08%)
Thanks for the replies girls,

Gaynor you are so right about exercise feeling good. This morning i did a 40 min exercise DVD and really enjoyed doing it. My little girl was dancing around with me too! So, not only good for me but good for the family too!


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I have a Davina McCall DVD that I used to use all the time - three workouts on it including core fitness. It's really good and I would recommend it to anyone! I'm just lazy and haven't got it out for ages.. but I am like you and cant work out to the ones that are too sequences - zero coordination!!
I do enjoy cross training - in fact have one in my lounge at the mo, but don't have the motivation to get on it... right must start doing some tonight - need a kick up the bum to get started mthinks!
Have also just joined a thread called 100 situps a day challenge (or something like that!) which I will also start today if you're interested?!


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S: 15st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 3st5lb(21.08%)
Hi MrsJ, sorry i didn't see this earlier. Thanks for your reply, 100 sit ups a day eh? Reckon that will be tough but i'm game if you are!


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S: 13st12lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st12lb(6.19%)

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