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Exercising on CD

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I was on CD until August when I spectacularly fell off the wagon! I have now got various life stresses out of the way and so am looking at whether to restart again or not.

Since I have been off CD I started exercising again (I used to do quite a lot) and very much want to continue increasing the amount and intensity that I do.

Has anyone got any experience of doing 'proper' exercise whilst on CD? I'm just a little bit worried about what effect it would have whilst one is on a VLCD - mainly in terms of muscle breakdown and any negative health effects.... I realise that this a question best answered by a CDC, but unfortunately I have recently moved and so am between CDCs! I am just not sure about whether to restart CD or whether to plough on with the exercise (and accept a muuuuuch slower weight loss).

Any thoughts?

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Good question hun i also wanna know how much is to much on CD as i go to gym classes and dont want to do too much to ruin the diet!! xx


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I'm by no means an expert on cd and exercise, but if you are planning high cardio workouts then doing that on ss could be a problem you may have to do a higher plan, you got to remember you are only eating just over 400 cals a day, so if you exercise too hard..1) you'll find your body takes longer too recover after each session and 2) your weight loss may stall BUT if you are planning just light cardio and resistance training you should be ok....I never got the energy high from cd so decided to do it the slow way:(


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Hiya. I lost 5st on CD last year and I exercised all the way through and intend to do it again this time.

I noticed that two things happened when I exercised on SS:
1/ I had tons of energy so I found it hard to hold back and not push myself.
2/ It took a lot longer to recover afterwards.

So while I could do more at the time I paid for it for the next couple of days. It took me a little while to work out how much I could do without feeling achey after. For me that's about 30mins cardio (brisk walking or cycling or 10mins running) and light weights. I'm pretty competitive by nature so it was a struggle for me not to make the most of all this new energy.

On the other hand, I also swim alot. That is absolutely fine for me, no aches and pains after, and I can push myself hard.

I think you need to be careful, start out gently and build up to a balance where you're working hard, but not too hard that it takes too long to recover.

Hope this helps.
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I'm SS'ing and have joined the local gym. I'm lucky cause my trainer has done CD in the past, so understands how much exercise I can cope with.
He has me doing a 5 min warm up on a recumbent bike, 10 mins medium intensity on the Ark (almost like a x-trainer), 10mins medium intensity on the stepper and 10mins low intensity on the X-trainer. Plus resistance with low weight, high reps, and core work.
I go every other day, and try to get a longish walk in a couple of times a week. So far I'm coping with it quite well, not too sore or tired. But I'm careful not to over do it.
It does sounds a lot reading it back, but I'm quite fit and until a couple of years ago was a very keen gym goer.

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