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Exercising, Yes Or No- Have your say!

I love exercising, I only lose max 2lbs a week, but I still love it, it makes me feel better. Whenever I get a bad day, or when I feel the comfort eating monster sneaking up, I do half an hour on the wii fit. It clears away any bad mood. I think this will help me in the future, so I don't fall into bad habits. I also think that you have had an amazing loss so far! Well done. Things should even out a bit now, so you might not get a huge loss every week, but a loss is a loss!
Agree with above. Also, remember that muscle weighs 4 times what fat does, so, if you're building and toning muscle you won't lose as many lbs and but you''ll lose heaps of inches!
congratulations i'mgonnabeskinny! well done you.
I started bootcamp last week. I've done 2 classes, it's tough, I though i would be dizzy or too wreaked with the diet, but i found it no problem.
I actually feel much better. Also i haven't suffered any headaches yet. maybe the exercise is helping?
Hi Guys, Ive been on Lt for nearly 4 weeks. My weight loss has gone like this:


So I was really suprised with the 3rd weeks because thats when I started exercising, Power walking about 8 mile over 3 days, 4 mile of that was uphill.

Could this have affected my weight loss?
All i can say to exercise is .....YES DO IT :)
From day 1 i have done spinning classes 3 times per week,i swim at least 3 times a week too and get in the gym maybe once a week and its def helped me keep the losses consistent and i have lost a total of 21" from waist,hips etc over the last 12 weeks or so,it certainly won't slow you down and as someone else said its great for distracting you from being naughty,i always feel great when i get home after working hard for a few hours.x
I'd say go for it too.....muscle does weigh more than fat but it also burns more calories so I shouldn't worry that it will have a detrimental effect on your weight loss.

I was a real gym-bunny until 4 years ago when I shattered my leg, long story but going to see the surgeon this arvo about a hip replacement.....not funny as I was 50 a couple of weeks ago, not an old pensioner....I want to try and lose as much as I can before the op as I'm not sure that they'll let me continue in hospital.....though it might well be preferable to eating the food!

Exercise will also tone you up, I think that important on LT as you're losing weight much quicker than on conventional diets, it gives you a real buzz too and makes the water consumption easier.....loads of good reasons!

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