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Hi all. Must say first off that since I have started posting here I feel welcome and connected with the greater world.

Now for my query/complaint: I have noticed that when i SS 100% I am totally exhausted, can;t keep my eyes open, feel really weak and stairs are like a mountain to climb.

This is worrying to me as I have huge anxiety issues.

Is this normal for anyone else? Or is it a lack of water?

(I am also 'on' and very heavy, so that may be affecting it as well...)
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the true me, not much help but I feel exactly the same!:rolleyes:
Hey. Thanks for the replies. Good to know that someone else feels the same. I feel so crap that I've had to come off it. Started doing the whole chicken and green veg/lettuce. Not sure if it's making a difference yet...
... right... I left a letter out. I did not mean a whole chicken! I meant the whole chicken and green veg thing. No matter how good and exercise I was doing, I think a whole chicken would negate a lot of my work! lol :)
I have found having a cold and being on as well recently that my levels went low too but generally i feel quite well too and more energy - i advise you speak to your cdc!
When I Sole Source, I definitely feel tired out. I'm trying again this week, hoping it will be better. At one point, week before last, I was so tired that it was an effort to lift up my pencil!
I started again SS yesterday and was asleep by 5pm. Woke up at 2am and then slept again from 6 until 9. Still tired. Hour by hour - totally my mantra for today. Going to get involved in marking all my students' assignments!


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I have found that i have so much more energy, i am B12 deficient so quite anaemic so very tired :faint2:, and on my night shifts i usually take a few pro plus, but when doing this 100% i am buzzing around the ward, its great! Maybe where you are on quite heavily you are losing iron, which will make you tired and breathless, doesn't it? If worried ask your GP for a blood test, you may have low iron stores anyway and when its the TOTM you may become a bit anaemic maybe? :)
Thanks. I am going to start taking some B12 tablets again... Was on them last year as I was vegan. Will buy them sometime this week. Thanks for the confirmation that this could be an issue. Had convinced myself that as the party line is that it's 100% of the daily nutrients, but figure now as that I was deficient when I was eating well gives me the idea that it might be an issue with me not what I'm consuming.

Feeling buzzed today as I really am going to stick with it this time!
Hi, I'm on day 12 and some days feel full of energy and other days am totally exhausted! I assumed that it was down to my body adjusting to the diet. Am hoping that it won't last much longer though and that I'll get into a routine and have more energy. Fingers crossed! Good luckxx


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My energy levels have improved since I started CD - however, I'm feeling totally bushed today, but that's because I went out clubbing on Saturday night and danced my socks off! :eek: My CDC did tell me to go easy on exercise whilst on 100%, but I never even thought about that when I went out - but it's true! I was tired yesterday but it's really hit me today, I'm drifting around like a zombie. We live and learn! :sigh: :D
I find I can't last through the day without eating something. It's demoralising but I'm learning what I can cope with.
I can 100% on my days off, but I can't seem to be able to do it while at work. I tried to have lettuce and chicken today as my food at lunch, but had a horrific panic attack (in class while I was supposed to be standing at the front) within an hour. Just got the nearest thing this afternoon. I am soooo frustrated. I know that I am still eating healthier than I was; still have the packs and generally have a decent lunch... but I don't know how I can get through the day without the carbs. On days that I have them, I am centred, energetic and happier and days that I don't have any I am tired, crabby and all the talking really gets to me.

Am really really really struggling.
tested myself this morning after the horrible night last night. Am more into Ketosis today that yesterday if I am reading the pinkness of the strip correctly. Wierd. Extremely thankful! Hour by hour today. Target today to drink water.


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TrueMe, just wanted to say hi as I too used to be vegan... for about 8 years, but that was about 8 years AGO now. I went back to being just veggie as I could feel myself getting very hung up about food and a bit disordered in my eating... but weight kept creeping on over those 8 years.

I am one of those people who finds SS really energising, I concluded I was perhaps a bit malnourished before, I used to binge eat a lot of sugary stuff and THAt made me exhausted for sure. And now I am on the 810 step, and find the high protein style of eating suits me ( had never eaten that way before, obviously not easy for a veggie). But when I eat carbs - I did yesterday as had run out of CD bars & was out in town between jobs & a baked spud & beans was my best option - it makes me SOOOOO hungry!

I wonder if you just need to hang on in there and give your body a chance to adjust? Or try adding an extra sachet in per day - I did this after 3 weeks as I am 5'8" and found it made a huge difference. I used to teach and I know you use up a lot of energy doing that, but I think it should still be fine to stick to ss if you can do it... try having a bar, and a hot choc at break, and maybe porridge for brekky and if you do do ss+ then a green & white for tea? Hang on in there honey... you can do this.


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