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Expert advice needed please!

Hi, I have a diary on the Diet Chef section but thought it better to place this question here :)
I 'think' I am aware of my limits but know I can push myself so much at times.
Below is my weekly schedule , what I want to know is...is it too much? Just right? Not enough? Wrong type of exercise? Any input really :)
Monday Body Pump & Body Step
Tuesday Personal Training

Wednesday Body Pump & Core Stability
Thursday Body Step & Swimming
Friday Body Pump & Core Stability
Saturday Body Balance Bi-weekly
Sunday Body Pump
Many thanks in advance peeps! :D xxx
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Hiya , thanks for the reply :)
I am not really really fit but can keep up fine in a body pump class! Im quite strong.
I have a hard time in the step class because its more about cardio fitness I guess?
I hate the normal gym and confess to being a class queen lol!
The only activities I do outside the gym are walking,cycling,dog walking and horse riding (I freelance as an instructor)
My main goals are to be able to complete a CFT (Compulsory fitness test) When I served in the Military Police (V) a few years ago , I was able to do this. Nowadays, I think not!
Physical goals are about slimming down my legs and backside, they are the 2 most problematic areas for me :(
Think thats it! Any more infor needed then just shout, many thanks for taking the time to reply :) xxx
Forgot to add that I have been doing this programme for the last 3 months now.


Personal Trainer
Hiya mate :D

What your doing looks a good mix of cardio and weights :happy036:

but you do need rest days inbetween, is no good if you dont give your muscles chance to repair themselves :(

my exercise schedule is

monday: Run 5 mile / pilates class
tuesday: Rest day
wednesday: Rest day
thursday: circuit training
friday: step / pilates
saturday: Rest day
sunday: body combat / body pump / swimming

i have 3 rest days inbetween...you will really tire yourself hun...and not give your body chance to catch up with itself....add a few rest days and its lookin good :party0011:
Hiya, Thanks for the reply :)
I had had a reshuffle and looks like I can take Saturday as my main rest day. Maybe a Tuesday too as I can just teach all day long then.
Any tips for shrinking my backside?!?! ANYTHING LOL! xxxx


Love God; Love People
Wow Prinzessin, reading your list made me gasp! Looks like you're working out to the max. I think you're doing well but I agree that you do need a rest day at least.
Thanks for motivating me though!
Wow Prinzessin, reading your list made me gasp! Looks like you're working out to the max. I think you're doing well but I agree that you do need a rest day at least.
Thanks for motivating me though!
No problem :D Re the rest day, I have decided to dith the body balance on a Saturday and have that back as my rest day, also I dont teach on that day so it really will be a rest day! :)
Also having every other Tuesday off ...advice from the PTI ...he says Im doing too much too soon....I know it's all about balance but I want to be at my goal NOW! No, Yesterday!! lol
Im sooooooooooo impatient lol! xxx


Carpe diem, baby!
I'm not sure 7 days a week of full on exercise is necessary? I have two rest days per week and I can see a huge difference to when I first started back in April...It is suggested that 2 days' rest per week, especially if doing weighted training and high intensity cardio...it's all your body needs and also your body needs the rest to recover and grow the muscle and restore the glycogen levels...etc...

I think if your levels of fitness are low, then you should start with less...defo...you'll burn out before you get started and will be disheartened I reckon...small steps?!

Here is my regimen:
Monday - weighted circuits, ab workout then spin class
Tuesday - weighted training (chest and back) then an hour with personal trainer
Wednesday - spin class then ab workout, weighted training (arms and legs)
Thursday - Ab workout, weighted circuits and some HIIT cardio
Friday - ab work, weighted training (legs and chest) and some HIIT cardio
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - rest day and food cheat day WHOO!

I am in the pretty fit category and the extra training for my upcoming race (mini triathlon this coming Wednesday evening) has left me pooped for most days this week...take it easy to start with...even if you have been fit in the past, it takes time to build it up again...
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