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Extended Induction


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I started Induction last Monday but had a bit of a cheat on Saturday and will have another on this Friday due to a wedding. Due to this do you think it is a good idea I start a strict induction following the book to the word from Saturday?
Will I get bigger losses then istead of going onto OWL?
I have just under 8 weeks till my birthday party and want to look good for that!!! Need to loss as much as possible!
I'm finding the food side of things pretty easy, its just the socialising/alcohol that is stopping me from sticking to the rules (sad isn't it really!!)
How long did you all stay on induction for? Do you think you lost weight quicker than moving onto the next stage?
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I stayed on induction for 6 months L.

But then I had a lot to lose.

Lisa D

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I will probably stay on induction for longer too because I want to lose as much as I can for my 30th birthday which is on 19 July, will be having a party and seeing some old faces so want to be looking good. You're the same as me, as soon as it gets to the weekend and the booze starts flowing, followed by snacking on tortillas, nuts etc, thats the hard part!


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im planning on staying on induction for a looooong time, I dont even know what OWL is or what you are meant to have on it. So ts induction for me for a good old while yet.

Are you able to have vodka and a diet mixer as apparently this then doesnt affect things too much and I dont think it will bring you out of Ketosis.x


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Think I will have to stick to Vodka and diet coke from now on! I'm going to move away from the wine!!!
Lisa D - looks like we have the same time scale! My party is the 17th July!

Lisa D

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I'll have to keep track on how your doing, check we are both on the right path!!!


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I have a lot to lose, so i plan to stay on induction for at least 3 months, maybe a little more depending on how my weight loss goes..


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I'll stay on induction for as long as it takes for me to lose a decent amount of weight :D
I have another 5 stone to lose so I think I will stay on induction for a good few months yet. I don't crave chocolate anymore, or fizzy drinks. I don't miss cheese or cream so I am finding it relatively easy. Alcohol was also a stumbling block for me, I caved on Saturday and had 4 cans of beer - felt rubbish waking up on Sunday so decided it really isn't worth it, to add insult to injury I then put on 1lb, because of my little slip.

You just have to put it into perpective, think about your own personal goals and imagine how brilliant you'll feel when you achieve them.

Good luck!

Week 1: -5lb
im personally a wine drinker but was losing 1-2lbs.....missed the wine and went onto vodka and sugar free fizz and lost 3lbs!!

im on induction and have been for nearly 8 weeks, i intend to stay on for a while yet


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its induction for me too -- for at least 4 months...how long can we stay in induction phase?


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oh, ok thanks -- then I should aim for 6 months!

anyone know the average weightloss each month?
I was thinking at least 6kg...???


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thanks -- keep up the great work:)

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