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Extra Easy Food Diary

Hi everyone :) New to these forums and looking for advice and tips !!!

Today's food diary:

2 x Weetabix (hexb) with milk (hexa) and sliced banana, cup of coffee.

4 x pieces lean bacon, sw fried egg and baked beans, followed by a large fruit salad of apple, pear, plum, banana, melon & strawberries.

Getting a Chinese takeaway tonight but fear not! Our local Chinese actually does a SW menu, so I'll be having the Schezuan Chicken (2syns) with boiled rice. Mmmmmm can't wait !!

Curly Wurly (6syns)
Schezuan Chicken (2syns) :D

Total syns for today: 8

Forgot to mention, I have two Golden Retrievers and I'm looking after a 3rd one this week so will be going for a nice walk later on (approx 45 mins) ... now I just need to grow an extra arm :wave_cry:
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Another day, another entry! Here goes:

2 x Weetabix (hexb) + milk from allowance, topped with sliced banana.

Went to the gym for 1 hr 30 mins after breakfast, and when I got back I was STARVING !!!

SW chips, egg and beans, followed by a fruit salad of pear, plum, strawberry and apple, with a Mullerlight yogurt.

Coming up to dinner time now and I'm not hungry at all, going to the cinema later so I'm gonna make some syn free onion bhaji's to take with me! I'll probably stink the whole place out but at least I'll probably get a whole row of seats to myself :rolleyes:

Curly Wurly

Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Total Syns for today: 6
Syn free onion bhajis? Sounds great :) Your food plan looks great!
Slimming world chinese?! AMAZING! I so want a place near me to do so! Curly Wurly's a good tip, I've needed an alternative to crunchies (9 Syns)

Also in this weather a frozen banana, tastes just like banana ice lolly- if you've run out of syns :)

Liv xx
Weigh In this evening :ashamed0005: here's hoping I'll be back with good news later !

Going out for lunch today, the place I'm going to actually has an approved SW menu though so I should be fine :)

Hope everyone has a great day :)
Just back from wi, a little bit disappointed as I thought I did brill this week, just 1lb off but I suppose it's better off than on !! Hoping for at least 2 off next week :cool:

Today's food diary:

1 slice wholemeal toast (hexb)
Half a tin of baked beans
SW fried egg

Out for lunch, and had a syn free smoked salmon salad, diet coke, and a coffee with some milk from my allowance.

Chicken and veg stir fry with noodles.

Bought a bottle of First Cape wine today, I've seen on here that there's 12 syns in the bottle, will have a glass or two this evening so not sure how many syns that'll be, let's say 6??

2 x glasses First Cape wine (6 syns)
Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Did shopping today and a rough meal plan for the week so looking forward to some fab food tomorrow! x ;)

Ok, so tried the wine last night, opened the bottle of red and :jelous: it was horrible !! Really really sweet. So I tried the white and it's a lot nicer :D just had about 1 and a half glasses, saving the rest for tomorrow night, have a friend coming and want to have a few drinks with her :)

Food diary for today:

2 x Weetabix (hexb) with milk from allowance and sliced banana.

Speed Soup
Fruit Salad with Mango and Passionfruit Mullerlight (0.5 syns)

Chicken and pea risotto
Large bowl of melon and strawberries

I used up the rest of my Healthy Extra a in milk in my tea throughout the day.

Having my nightly Curly Wurly and tea now (6 syns)

Total Syns for today: 6.5 syns

Looks like a good day :)

What do you put in your speed soup?

Liv xxx
I put

1 large onion
2 parsnips
4 carrots
2 leeks
Green, red and yellow pepper
Handful of split lentils
1 can mixed bean salad
1 can green lentils
1 can baked beans
2 cans chopped tomatoes
2 beef stock cubes
Mixed herbs

When it's cooked I liquidise it, made a huge pot today! Only tried it once before when my mum made it :)

Craving chocolate like mad at the min, had my Curly Wurly, soooo hard not to go to the press for a biccie! :sigh:
Aaagghh help, I'm having a baaaad day, have a really bad headache and I'm craving chocolate like mad, just took some pain killers so hoping it'll wear off! so far today I've had:

2 x Weetabix (hexb) with milk from allowance, and a sliced banana

Bowl of speed soup, followed by a fruit salad of pear, melon, plums and strawberries

will be my leftover chicken and pea risotto from last night.

Feeling awful right now, just craving junk, I've just made some SW chips and they're almost ready, will have these and some fruit and a Mullerlight, hoping I don't get tempted to go to the bold press !!! Trying to save my syns for tonight as I have a friend coming over for drinks ... :wave_cry:
Hope you feel better fast. May I suggest some diet coke/pepsie etc to ease the craving?

Enjoy your wine tonight.
Good luck and best wishes.
Hi, thanks for your suggestion, will give that a go next time I get a sugar craving! Did ok-ish today, here's everything I've eaten!

Breakfast: 2 pieces of 100% wholemeal bread toasted (hexb) with scrambled eggs.
Bowl of melon and pear

Lunch: Actually skipped lunch today, was out of the house and wasn't feeling hungry at all, when I got home I had an Alpen Light bar (3 syns) and a cup of tea with milk from my allowance.

Dinner: SW Cottage Pie (syn free) made with lean minced beef (this was delicious and have loads left for lunch tomorrow too)

Snacks: Packet of Salt and Vinegar Snack a Jacks - can't find the syn value for these in my book, I've searched online and apparently they're 6 syns :eek:
Curly Wurly (I couldn't resist this) 6 syns

Total Syns: 15
Hi again everyone :)

Thank crunchie it's Friday ... or not .... weekends are always so hard for me :( and feeling so mad at myself, haven't been to the gym once this week (time of the month and feeling rotten) - but have been out walking the dogs everyday. Actually starting to look forward to being back at work soon, I'm finding it really hard to keep myself busy sitting in the house when I know that the biscuit tin isn't too far away :mad:

So far today I've had 2 slices wholemeal bread with 2tsp Nutella (3syns), and a cup of tea; for lunch I had my leftover syn free Cottage Pie with half a melon and some strawberries, sprinkled with some Canderel (for my sweet fix)!! Not sure what to have for dinner :confused:

Going to the supermarket in a bit so will see what I can pick up, will definitely be getting some Quark so that I can make my syn free cake, ohhh yum can't wait :)

Hope everyone's having a good day!
Breakfast: 2 x pieces wholemeal bread (hexb), toasted with Nutella (3 syns), tea with milk from allowance.

Lunch: SW Cottage Pie (syn free), and half a melon with some strawberries, sprinkled with Canderel sweetner.

Snack: SW Syn Free Roulade, cup of coffee

Dinner: SW chips with Uncle Ben's Rice Time Medium Curry (4.5 syns?) Mullerlight with fruit salad of melon, apple, banana and strawberries.

Syns: Rice Time (4.5); Nutella (3)

Total Syns: 7.5 :eek:

The Uncle Ben's curry wasn't that nice :jelous: so didn't eat all of it. However, I've heard that the Sweet and Sour flavour rice pot is syn free so will be trying that next time! :D Off for a walk with the dogs now, that is a workout in itself!
Where did you get the reciepe for syn free roulade?

Liv x

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