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Extra Easy - Is it really?

I'm back again after about 4 weeks off. This time though I have joined a group for support and motivation as I seem to lose this everytime I start a diet! I think a food diary will help me, so I'm hoping to update regularly. Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated. WI should be a Tuesday but may changed according to my shifts.

Week 1: Day 1 (Weds)

B: Baked beans, eggs, saute potatos.
L: Jacket potato, beans, salad
D: Pork mince, veggies, sliced potatos on top (sort of like a hotpot).
Syns: Slice of chicken salsa pie (at party) and tiny pastry = ?15 syns

Day 2:

B: 2 weetabix, milk (HEA) sweetner
L: 2 bacon (no fat) beans, mushrooms, tomatos, saute pots, eggs. Activia ff
D: Pork stir fry and noodles
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Day 3:

B: 2 weetabix (HEB) Milk (HEA)
L: Tuna, sweetcorn, tomato, cucumber with pasta
D: Pork casserole (loads of veggies) jacket potato

Snack - banana, apple
Not managing to keep up my diary as so busy, but had a good loss this week - 4.5lb.

Yesterday's food:

B: Weetabix (HEB), milk (HEA)
L: Apple, banana (no time for anything else too busy at work.
D: Chicken curry and rice. Mullerlight, sugar free jelly (1/2 syn), fruit.

So today I have eaten,

B: Fruit and yoghurt
L: Apple, banana, sushi (4 syns), walkers french fries 4.5 syns.
D: Pork stir fry and veggies - (2 syns for oyster sauce). Skinny cow ice lolly (4.5 syns)

Total syns = 15
HEB: Alpen light bar
HEA: Milk in tea.

Swam 20 lengths before work this morning too.

Really pleased with myself tonight :)
Yesterday's food:

B: Weetabix (HEB) Milk (HEA)
S: Apple and grapes
L: Chicken breast, walkers FF (5.5 syns)
D: Fish pie with veggies (3 syns - parsley sauce). Mullerlight. Jelly (0.5 syn).


B: 1 rasher bacon, plum tomatos, mushrooms, 1 egg.

L: Pasta and garlic and herb philly (HEA plus 2 syns), apple, activia fat free.

S: Alpen light bar (1/2 HEB)

D: Beef in garlic and oyster sauce (5 syns) noodles, stir fry veggies. Mini milk (1.5 syn)
Awww sorry diary - I have neglected you ;-) I must try harder to write all food down as I believe this does really help with the weight loss.

So will start again today....

Tuesday, week 6 of EE plan

B: 2 rashers bacon (fat removed), tomatos, mushrooms, baked beans, 2 eggs and all FREE.

L: Leftover pasta with bolognase sauce (full of veggies). Apple.

D: Lamb steak, jacket potato, carots, mushrooms, onions and homemade tzatziki dip (all FREE). Leftover syn free rice pudding.

No syns so far as trying to claw back some from an wine fuelled saturday night ;-)

Edited to add: HEA - milk, HEB - Alpen light bars
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So today, Wednesday

B: 2 weetabix (HEB) with hot milk (HEA) and sweenter.


L: Last of the leftover pasta and bolognase, apple.

D: Omlette with ham, red pepper, onion and mushrooms, with salad and 1 tbs extra light mayo (1/2 syn). Shape FF yoghurt.

At party - carot batons, cucumber, brocolli and LF humous (? 3 syns).

All in all a good day - think I have now made up for the over sinning from the weekend so will now resume back to having my 10 - 15 syns a day.
Woo Hoo - 2lb off :) I'm so pleased.

Food from today:

B: Bacon, eggs, tomatos, mushrooms.
L: Melon, pineapple, apple
WI tonight had taster evening = so tried lots of different things.
D: SW chips, carot batons and tzatziki

HEA: Milk
HEB: 2 alpen light bars
today has mainly been good :)

B: 2 weetabix and skimmed milk (HEB & A)
L: Carot batons, tzatziki and some 6 walkers sensation crisps (just had to have some) (? 2 syns)
D: Homemade chicken and veggie curry, rice (0.5 syn for LF natural yoghurt - split between 3!), fruit and yoghurt.
S: Walkers french fries - 5.5 syns

Total syns today = 8