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Extra Easy: late night snacks?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by sazzlebag, 2 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    I started sw whilst being off on holiday from work, but I start back this week. And my guarnteeed moment of weakness is when I stroll in from work at midnight, I'll have my dinner at work, about 5 so by the time I'm getting ready to leave; I will get those hunger pangs. Yogurt and fruit won't cut it as I need something warm and comforting to toddle off to bed with. Any suggestions?

    Thanks :)
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  3. sareypoop

    sareypoop Full Member

    I love a bit of smash mixed with baked beans if I want something savoury, warm and filling. It tastes better than it sounds!
  4. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    Would a mugshot work for you?
  5. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    How about a bit toast (wholemeal, hexb) with banana on it, or cheese (hex a), lovely with a nice cup of tea :)
  6. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    Thanks everyone, will try some of these ideas. I find I'll plan something healthy to eat, but by midnight; i won't fancy it, or I'll have used up my syns. At worst case it's better to go over a little bit on the syns than to have a complete blow out!
  7. Wkdjayboi

    Wkdjayboi New Member

    What about having some Slimming World Quiche Already made at home waiting for you that you could just heat up in the micro?
  8. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    Ooh great idea. Going to look up the recipe now :D. Thanks!
  9. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Ooh yes, I sometime literally live off SW quiche, straight from the fridge. I tend to always include grated courgette and carrot in mine these days to make sure I get some veg! I know what you mean about wanting something warm and comforting though, and I must confess, instant mash has come to the rescue for me many a time. Often mix some garlic powder in, and if there are any leftovers in the fridge - beans, or broccoli, whatever is there. Just for a quick meal, while the kids and hubby are having stuff I don't have!
  10. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    How's about saving your HEXA and B and having weetabix with warm milk! I always find it's lovely on cold winter nights - lots of fibre too!

    Or, perhaps make a batch of syn free soup and have it in the fridge ready to poor into a bowl when you get in- a couple of minutes in the microwave whilst you're getting changed etc.
  11. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    I always save my hexB until just before bed and have two hifi rocky roads or a Special K chewy delight. I eat it upstairs so I know I won't be tempted to go and raid the fridge :)
  12. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    Loving all the great ideas. I was planning on saving my a and b and having some nice cheese on toast, but I ended up having too many cups of tea at work so had some lovely mini quiches with a cheeky sw doughnut- so I feel like I'm still getting a little treat for working hard :D
  13. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    Sw doughnut I'm intrigued ? X
  14. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    It's my fave treat atm. You get a whole grain bun and slice it down the middle of the bun, pull out the middle and put in a bit of jam or nutella. Spray the bun in fry light, roll it in granulated sweetener and pop it in the oven for 10 mins at 200 degrees, rotating half way through.
    I prefer cutting the bun vertically, as its more like a doughnut instead of a jam sandwich :). If you use the whole grain bun as hexb, then the only syns is the filling; the jam i use is only 1.5 syns per tablespoon so i get a big dollop :D. I original thread is on mini mins somewhere
  15. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    They sound gorgeous!!! Definitely will give them a whirl. I take it you mean wholemeal bun though as wholegrain would be syns???
  16. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    Sorry yes wholemeal lol!
  17. jimbofow

    jimbofow New Member

    If you go to Sainsburys, they do packs of veg ready for soup (checked them all out and there is no oil or anything) so syn free. Just follow instructions and you have soup in 30 minutes. We normally make a batch and then keep some out for if we get peckish in the evening, not worth eating heavy before sleep!

    Also second Mugshots - nearly live off those things some weeks when I am really busy with work. Just watch out as they are not all free!
  18. Fitzylou

    Fitzylou Full Member

    SW cheese scones always do it for me they're syn free as we'll! Xxx
  19. sazzlebag

    sazzlebag Member

    Have you got a recipe for sw cheese scones? Not had those before :)

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