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Extra Easy: My Weight Loss Journey

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by KerryJaii, 7 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. KerryJaii

    KerryJaii Member


    I'm Kerry and I'm new here


    I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you all know that I am a slimming world girly and I'm always looking for new friends on my way to a slimmer me. My group are all a fantastic help but looking for more slimming friends for help and inspiration on my way.

    I am almost half way to target with 3st3lb lost so far and 3st9lb to go!

    Please feel free to post and let me know about your journey so far and what you're enjoying most of all

    Lots of positive thoughts your way for a fantastic slimming world day
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  3. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    Hi Kerry, I'm new on Slimming world had my first group on thursday, and it went really well :D x One weird thing I've noticed trying to update my ticker and it won't let me :/ do u know how xx
  4. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    It's mega confusing lol I've lost 7lbs but it's saying I've only lost 4 ... o well nevermind! I think it's brilliant how much you've lost can I ask how long you've been doing it x
  5. KerryJaii

    KerryJaii Member

    Have you managed to do your ticker? There is a post on here that tells you how if not, I will find you the link :)
    I have been ding slimming world since the start of April and had both my birthday and a summer holiday in that time so have had a couple of gains :)
    Slimming world is great and I absolutely love it!
    How are you finding it so far? xx
  6. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    Hey I worked out the ticker :) sorry taken ages to reply been away at work x
    Finding it ok so far x only had one day where I've just thought I Cba! For me it's all emotional stuff I struggle with I'm one to gorge day a lot lol x can I ask how much you've lost x x
  7. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member


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