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Extra Easy - Noeleens food diary

I love doing EE as its great when cooking all meals for the rest of the family, love cooking but get easily bored, hope to see other ideas from others::)

Breakfast - wheetabix, milk, banana and 1 tsp of sugar

Lunch - Chicken and mushroom pasta n sauce

Dinner - Chicken 5 spice, potato wedges and beans

HEA - milk
HEB - Wheetabix

Syns -
sugar 1
Blue band biscuit - 5
Snickers mini - 5

TOTAL = 11

Goal for tomorrow - eat more and not be hungry;)
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Did a bit better today at eating more but still finding it a chore eating all the time to feel full!!! never thought i would have to make myself eat lol

Breakfast - 4 ham omlettes!!!! 2x nimble

Lunch - Egg fried rice, ham, scallions, sweetcorn and soy sauce

Dinner - Chicken and cashew nuts and boiled rice

HEA - milk
HEB - 2x nimble

8.5 chinese
5 - maltesers snack size

TOTAL = 13.5

snacks - youghurts, 20 oranges :p apples
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better day today eating wise, basicaal have always had something in my gob!

Breakfast - 2xwheetabix, banana, yoghurt

Lunch - 2x ham and mushrooms omlette, sweetcorn and rice

Lunch - 3x homemade burgers with beans

Snacks - yoghurts, fruit

HEA - Milk
HEB - Wheetabix

1tsp sugar -1
Hartleys jellyx2 - 1
Blue ribbon - 5

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woke up today not feeling hungry which is great

my thing of the moment is mixing Activia fat free yoghurt with hartleys mango jelly together - IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!

Breakfast - bacon and mushroom sandwich, fruit

Lunch - potatoes, leek bake
crepe with banana and chocolate:mad:

Dinner - spaghetti and fruit

snacks - 20 oranges, yoghurts

wonder how many syns the crepe was:cry:
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Breakfast - bacon and egg sandwich (HEB 2X nimble)

Lunch - melon with sauce (2 syns??)

Turkey and ham stuffing(3 syns) and gravy(2 syns)with cream potatoes(1 syn), 1 roast potato (1syn)and carrotts.

Dinner - leftover spag bol

Snacks - jelly(0.5 syns) and yoghurt

HEA - nothing
HEB - 2x nimble

Syns - 9.5
snickers 5.5ooooops over

TOTAL = 20.5 :mad:
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Felt bad going over syns yesterday so trying to be good today:

B/F - 2 ham and mushroom omlette with 3 slices of bacon

Lunch - rice, ham, mushroom, soy sauce and egg all mixed together

dinner - chicken stir fry with rice

HEA - wheetabix
HEB - Milk

1tsp sugar - 1
jelly - 0.5
Wotsits - 5.5
curly wurly - 6

TOTAL = 13
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i swear i am eating about 5 every few hours - now getting sick feeling in tummy so cutting down lol
having difficult day - wanting to eat lots of chocolate so far resisted!!

Breakfast - wheetabix with banana and sugar

Lunch - chicken stir fry and rice

Dinner - chow mein with noodles

HEA - Milk
HEB - wheetabix

sugar - 2
wotsits - 5.5
chow mein -5.5

TOTAL = 13

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