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extra easy not so easy!

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It all depends - if on green you tend to use a B choice for meat or fish then it's worth doing EE but if you like cereal and bread then best stay on green.

I love all the plans (not red so much as I get hungry) but I do like green days as I can have milk for coffee and cheese and I'm not bothered if I don't have meat.

In short I do EE if I want pasta bolognaise, chilli, cottage pie, fish pie or anything like that, otherwise it's green for me!
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i struggled, i didnt stay on extra easy for very long. it feels like such a treat with the extra a and b choices !
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I love all the HEX you can have on red an green! Especially the fun ones one green like houmous or gorgonzola cheese. If I do EE I try to have fruit and yogurt or a cooked breakfast so I can save my HEX for later on.
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I agree with you:).As my weight loss has slowed right down, despite sticking to plan:eek:, and doing lots of exercise may have contributed to this, I am going to suggest I change to green days when at WI today:). Think the 2 healthy extra B choices may help as it was suggested I wasn't eating enough to compensate for the exercise!
Anyone think this is a good idea?
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It's really odd - I did mixed weeks with mostly EE for the first six weeks and it was fine. I did my green week challenge last week and really enjoyed it.

On the EE challenge week this week and I'm really struggling - once you get used to those extra hexes it's really hard going without them!
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For me its not a problem because I vaguely plan out what I'm going to have for dinner so I work out if I can 'afford' to use my A & B at breakfast or lunch.

If you feel like Red & Green are the way to go - go for it ! :) x


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I find EE difficult as I like cheese too much. Sometimes on green all 4 hex choices are cheese related :D
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I've just made a move back to EE after months on Red (which I love but can't really afford to keep on doing at the moment) and then Green (which is cheap but I don't do very well on) and it's taken me a couple of weeks to get over the HEx issue!

What I did was make very definite non-HEx breakfast plans and planned out some low-syn days so that I could use my HExs and have extras for Syns when I felt I needed them - I basically needed to wean myself off the feeling of "having them in reserve". I'm not entirely sure I'm wholly there yet (I'm in the middle of my first day of having used my HExs for breakfast) but I'm getting there, I think, and EEs very much suiting me at the moment.
Yeah I find 'Extra Easy' ' Quite Difficult'!! I love green and always have all my healthy extras.
I struggle with EE because my A choice is always milk and I tend to have a sandwich for lunch meaning I have no Alpen bars for snacks!
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I did EE for the first couple of months but was seriously craving cheese. Couldn`t have it as a HEXa as I`d used milk in tea for that.

Now doing mostly green with the occasional red. Can`t really afford to do red all the time!!
S: 11st9lb C: 10st4lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st5lb(11.66%)
Yeah I find 'Extra Easy' ' Quite Difficult'!! I love green and always have all my healthy extras.
I struggle with EE because my A choice is always milk and I tend to have a sandwich for lunch meaning I have no Alpen bars for snacks!
yeah me too!! i found i ate "extra" and didnt find it "easy" LOL


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I am afraid I don't lose any weight on EE as I tend to overeat. I also find the at least 1/3 superfree at every meal and only one each of HEx per day a bit of a challenge so I do mostly Red/Green mixed up with an occasional EE, usually at weekends when I am out and about more (I work from home during the week) and sometimes find it hard to get appropriate Red/Green foods.

Sadly EE means I have to forego my beloved tea as I don't want to use my only HExA on milk and my syns go up with the light Coffeemate in my coffee. I am afraid I can't drink squash, pop etc - gave those up when I was a kid and water sometimes just doesn't hit the spot!

Overall it is Red/Green for me 99% of the time with an odd EE thrown in for good measure.
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I've lost all my weight doing EE. As I'm breast feeding I am allowed more HExs (4 more) but I don't tend to have them. I feel guilty having the extra calories if im not hungry. Yesterday I didn't have any healthy extras and only 4 Syns, today I have had both HEx. I know you are meant to have them, but as the weight is coming off I think mixing it up is helping. I love Slimming World!
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I prefer to do green days too, purely for the extra HEX choices too. Today, I am planning an EE day because we are having pork for tea, and I like my potatoes too much, lol. I usually have cereal for breakfast and I always have a bag of ryvita mini's in the afternoon when at work, so I really struggled this morning to have fruit for breakfast. EE comes in handy when you need it, but its green all the way for me usually. Much more filling and satisfying :D xx


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Its one of those things that with me varies day to day. Generally Ive got at least one meal planned in advance so can work my day out in advance round that. I generally default to green, but sometimes I realise ive only had one hea/b and think well i could have some meat with my tea without having to measure it if i switched to ee. I think thats whats great about sw, theres that flexibility. My whole days eating isnt dictated by what i ate for brekkie.
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I'm quite new to this but also have found green days to be better than EE due to the healthy extras issue. I tend to have cereal for breakfast so on EE that would take all of my healthy extras, and im left struggling for what to make for lunch at work!
Do people find mixing the days up work better or is it just as good to stick to green days for example.

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