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Extra Easy Plan


Trying again!!!
Hi there, have decided to give Slimming World a try as I couldnt be bothered with all the points counting in WW and some people have said that SW is much easier? I got all the SW books off ebay and have read some reports of the diet online but I don't understand the Extra Easy Plan - is this to do with portion control? Would really appreciate some help - have a wedding to go to in April (first goal) and then our holiday is in Sept when I hope to have reached my target lol! :confused:
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The EE plan is basically just allowing you to combine Free Foods from both Red and Green days - ie you could have a meat curry with rice where you don't have to weigh out either the meat or the rice, because they're both Free Foods on EE. To balance this out, you have just one Healthy Extra per day from the A and B lists, and SW recommend that you fill one third of your plate with 'superfree' foods.

Welcome and good luck!


Trying again!!!
Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your quick reply and for your easy explanation - not sure what to do - I have to admit I found it all very confusing but think I have managed to get the hang of it! I just need to get started - plan to have my official start date on Monday though I have been trying to do it as past week - wish me luck!


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S: 19st1lb C: 8st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 10st4lb(53.93%)
It is a little confusing at first, but you soon get into the way of it, believe me! If anything, EE is less confusing for a new starter because you don't have to get your head around Red and Green days. :D

I'm sure you'll enjoy it and do well on it, as everyone here does. It's really a fabulous plan, a brilliant way of teaching you to eat healthily for good, rather than a diet that's all about restriction. I've struggled with horrendous binge eating and massive weight gain for many, many years, but this plan has sorted it all out. I'm now eating healthily, really enjoying food for the first time in years, and I've lost nearly 3st in three months into the bargain! It's genius, trust me. Stick with it and you will see great benefits not only to your weight, but to your attitude to eating and your confidence in yourself, too. :)


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Hi weemo and everyone,

you beat me to writing that exact same post. I started the EE plan on Monday and think I am doing it ok. It seems quite easy, just have to chnge my eating habits slightly, which is the whole point really!!
I can't get to a class, childcare issues, so got the books off ebay and sussed it myself, I hope I am doing it right!
I will weigh myself next Mon am so fingers crossed!


Trying again!!!
congrats on your weight loss, Elizabeth - very well done! Thanks too for your help - much appreciated. I thought I would join this forum for some moral support as I didn't want to join a group and wasn't keen on the online option. Have bought a lot of the magazines and couldn't believe the success stories - very motivating. I think I just can't get my head around the fact that you can eat so much! Shouldn't complain about that! have a good weekend


Trying again!!!
Thats great - you can help me if I get stuck! Not sure whether to do the extra easy or the original and green days - have read mixed reviews about the EE. Hopefully this forum will keep us motivated - we have both started at the same time - good luck for monday!


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S: 19st1lb C: 8st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 10st4lb(53.93%)
Not sure whether to do the extra easy or the original and green days - have read mixed reviews about the EE.
It's noticeable that some people do better on Red, some on Green, some on EE. I think the key is finding what works best for you, and as a new starter you're in a perfect position to do that. Have a try of them all and see how you go. You'll be eating well and healthily no matter which variation you do.


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Hi, I did slimming world years ago and struggled because on red days I was hungry & missing carbs but I got bored of eating veggie food all the time. This time I find extra easy really helps - I am having some green & some ee days and its going really well.

Also for the first time I am going to every meeting and not just weighing in but staying for the class. The difference is amazing, you get so much help and support as well as new recipies and ideas. When I went before all we talked about was when we had gone off the diet but my new class leader really focuses on the positives and if you can find a class you like it is worth a couple of hours to do it - you don't have to stay at the same class - you can try different ones and honestly it will help you.

All the same this forum is great for ideas and support so good luck. Even though you seem to be eating loads it will work - the people who loose fastest seem to be the people who eat the most free foods so fill your boots!


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Was struggling for ages with the last 5-6 lbs, so in Jan I started EE (with 6lbs to go). Managed to lose 4lbs in Jan. Then I had a few weeks where nothing happened, got fed up & put a few lbs on. Gone back to red/green this week & managed to lose those few lbs plus one more.

So I have found that for me mixing it all up a bit works best at this stage.

Everyone is different, so find what works best for you. It may also be that as you get smaller you need to review it again.

Think the key is to just keep reviewing, as your body will be constantly changing.

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