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Extreme Hair Loss


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I know there are already a few threads out there about hair loss, but mine has gone onto a whole new level recently! :(

From the beginning of the diet I suffered a bit of hair loss, but I had thick hair and it didn't really bother me. But it has now got to a stage where I can pull big chunks out of my hair at any given moment, not just when I'm brushing it. It has started to become noticeable!

I estimate that I only have about 4 weeks left until I start moving up the plans anyway. But then again the hair loss is so extreme now and my mum (who has been so supportive) has told me she is worried about it.

Shall I just ride it out another month? What does everyoen think? Invest in a wig? :p
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personally as you are so close, i would ride it out if i were you. invest in some hair vitamins or chinese herbs to strengthen, avoid colouring it or maybe look at a shorter style? Mine is coming out, but i colour it every month and i have always lost a lot of hair anyway. Im getting a shorter restyle tomorrow so hopefully that improves how it looks.

good luck with whatever you decide! remember that in spring time more hair falls out anyway!


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mine has started coming out in chunks the last few weeks too. I think you and I have about the same amount of weight left to lose too, but I've just been put up to 810 anyway as my losses had stalled soo much, I don't know if any vitamins would make any difference now? I know personally I couldn't afford a wig, and certainly wouldn't really want to wear one, but if it's really bad, could you try SS+, just to try and slow the hair loss down and get some protein in your diet maybe? That may not be what you want to hear, but if it's in chunks now like you say?
It's totally up to you though, if you'd be comfy with a wig, or a much shorter style then that's fine, but if it's coming out at the roots (like mine) then it will still show even with a shorter style too (that's what I'm trying to say I think) I hope this is a positive and not as negative as I Think it may be coming across, sorry if it is, it's not meant to be, and ps - you're doing soooooooo well! xx

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hi - last time i did CD (this is attempt 2) i had the same problem - I used to take vitamin B complex and vitamin C supplements whilst on Cd - it didnt knock me out of ketosis but I dont know if that was just luck? It did however, stop the hair loss being so drastic after less than 2 weeks (did wonders for my nails too lol)


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no mercy - that's really interesting to know as I really thought it was too late for me, and would have to wait for re-growth from what I'd heard before x

no mercy

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nope - my hair stopped falling out in huge chunks within two weeks (thank goodness) lol although it was a good 2 months before it started looking thick again :(


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I didn't think any of this applied to me until I went to the hairdressers yesterday, and he said to me, "Did you know you were losing your hair?" Eeek - I had no idea! :eek: (There's always been a fair amount in my brush, but I hadn't noticed any more than usual.) Fortunately I'm not at the "chunks" stage yet, and also I'm now on 810 so hopefully it will slow down. The hairdresser also recommended high doses of Vitamin B. :sigh:

I think if I was pulling out handfuls, I might actually stop the diet - although I've quite a bit of hair, it's very fine, and I would hate for gaps to show! I suppose it all depends on how long it would take to grow back? (I stress that's a personal opinion and that everyone should do what they want, of course!)

There's a product called Rejuvx (Hair Loss advice and hair loss treatment: Free Hair loss advice from Rejuvx, the treatment for hair loss) which I think I might try - dear, but worth it if it restores our crowning glory! :)

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