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    This was my last week of foundation and I was very surprised to feel incredibly apprehensive when the LLC mentioned getting the before and after photos back.

    She actually showed mine to a new lady having a pop in before the meeting started and the reaction of disbelief of the new lady made me quite shakey.

    When she eventually gave them out I had an extremely emotional reation, and a physical reaction in my stomach. I was shocked at the sight of myself before. How could I have allowed myself to become like that.

    No wonder I feel like a different person, I AM a different person. I am only just realising that the lack of respect I had for my body totally mirrored the way I allowed myself to be treated like a doormat by anyone and everyone.

    I am only just realising what a debilitating state of mind I was in at the time, and how that invaded every aspect of my life.

    As an example, there are useful technical forums that can help me with my job, I didn't dare even to register. I once had the on-line form on screen as I need an answer to something and I was sweating and backed out without joining.

    I had to summon up every ounce of will power to join Minimins. I fretted about posting (still feel a bit nervous). But I can see that as the weight has come off my confidence has been building and I have started to give rep and even my latest achievement PM a lovely person.

    How therapeutic is Minimins!!!!

    (Sorry for waffling on but I was sooooo affected by the photos I needed to get it out)

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    Crumbs Claire, that is a fascinating post. You sound like a light bulb moment has happened and is still happening. Good for you for realising how you have opened up your world. I am very happy for you.
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    Hi Claire,

    Fantastic post and I think so many can relate to this myself included.

    Well done on your wonderful achievement and look forward to seeing your photos.

    Claim and shout your wonderful success:)
  5. Just Do It

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    It will take a while before I am ready to let them out in public!

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    I am nowhere near my target weight but after losing 6 stones I now too look back at the odd picture I have of me and think just how hideous I had become.
    I now have a couple of them on my kitchen cupboard as a reminder of how far I have come
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  7. In search of me

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    I can totally relate to this. I look at my before photos with a mixture of sadness (that I got that fat), incredulous (that I didnt fully SEE how fat I was) and joy that I am no longer there, and never will be again. Like you my confidence has incrased but a way that I am no longer as angry as I was before & that feels great. Please do post your pics - this is what keeps me going on the tough days; the reminder from others that it can be done plus its beautiful to see how people (myself included) blossom through the process. Its lovely to share the joy with others & when I saw Ceruleans dotty dress photo it really made my day seeing her so happy and transformed....so go on girl, make my day!! Well done & thank you for sharing & well done for coming so far - not just about the dress size is it - its SO much more!
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