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Eyes on the prize

So a bit about me:
I am 33 years old. I work full time and have no children and I weigh 16stone 9lbs.
About 8 yrs ago I weighed 17stone 13lbs and went on to lose 2 stone. I stayed at 16stone for a good while maybe 2 yrs or so then went on to lose another 2 stone. So at 14stone I was the lightest ive ever been in my adult life. Then one day I just decided I was sick to death of dieting and stopped. Then the weight all went back on and then some. Last year I was 18stone 5lbs. I then went on to lose 2 and a half stone and weighed 15stone 10lbs this was only about a month ago I weighed this. But then imagine my horror this morning when I weighed myself and discovered I was 16stone 9lbs.
Apart from my struggle with my weight I clearly love my food and just love sweet stuff but I tend to binge eat chocolate biscuits etc etc. I like, believe it or not, running when I can be bothered. I love reading and always have my head in a book. Just now its 12yrs a slave. I also love documentaries.

So why am I here:
* I can see the old signs. I know my weight is creeping back up again and I really dont want to be 18stone again. When I was 18stone the first time I went on holiday and the seatbelt did not fit. I had to get a special one they give to pregnant people....I swore that day I would never let my weight embarrass me again
* I am bridesmaid at my sisters wedding next july. I would love to lose 2.5stone by January when we go shopping for dresses
* I want to try for my first child next year..after above said wedding. I think its important to use this time to get a healthy body and try and get into good habits
* I wanted to find something/somewhere where I can write my thoughts/feelings and share them with people who experience them too or have done so in the past. I think I can learn a lot from others here and hopefully contribute something to help others also.

So thats all about me. I have pretty big goals to achieve so now I'm away for a run....cant wait to meet u all
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So day one went really well.

Started the day with 45g of tropical granola.
Then went for a 30min run..ran 2.2miles burning 310 calories.
Lunch was a salad
Then 80g red seedless grapes
Dinner was fish stew with 100g cooked rice. Then afterwards a mcvities gold biscuit.
Feeling good. Was feeling a bit hungry around 5pm which is usual. I normally binge around this time so will need to keep that in check. I am also feeling slightly hungry right now. I dont normally have supper cos im normally so full from my 5pm binge then dinner so yeah now im missing that full feeling.
But so far. ..so good ?


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Hi, Tangerine, l'm in the same boat: l realize if I do nothing, I'll just put more weight on. It's time l move my butt and take control.

I wish you all the best. It's so hard to slim down, but it is possible. Look at all the fabulous success stories. You can and you will do it, l'm sure! :)
Hi, Tangerine, l'm in the same boat: l realize if I do nothing, I'll just put more weight on. It's time l move my butt and take control.

I wish you all the best. It's so hard to slim down, but it is possible. Look at all the fabulous success stories. You can and you will do it, l'm sure! :)

Aww thanks daviajar I'm feeling good right now...long may it continue. I wish u all the best in achieving ur goals and I look forward to hearing how ur getting on x
Day 2

I am feeling really good...although an ever so slight headache but nothing to complain about.

Today my goal was to eat 750 calories only. I thought id try this 5 2 diet that everyone has raved about. I've heard nothing but good reviews about it. But for me 500 calories is just too low..I couldn't do that. I mean today I havent eaten anything bad at all and my evening meal will be weighed to the exact gram and I'm still at 750. So my plan for now is to eat 1500 calories 5 days a week and 750 calories 2 days a week. I wont do any exercise on my low calorie days and aim to exercise on my big days.

So this is what today looked like.

Breakfast: banana
Lunch: salad made with lettuce cucumber spring onions 50g reduced fat coleslaw 50g low fat potato salad and 60g turkey. It was yummy

5pm I had a tangerine. At this particular point it briefly crossed my mind to go buy chocolate etc as I did feel hungry but the sugar in the fruit must have just been enough to satisfy me for now.

Dinner will be
100g chicken breast with half a yellow pepper 100g asparagus and 100g dwarf beans in a homemade lemon sauce + 50g rice.
After dinner 80g grapes

And thats it my eating day done. It doesnt seem so bad really...well not at the moment anyway. Maybe by 9pm I'll be starving but for now good day and I'm feeling good.
Day three

All is good so far. Managed yesterday to keep within my 750 calories without any hurldles at all. Woke up this morning and I didnt even feel hungry. Today is a 1500 calorie day and so far this is how it looks

Breakfast: 45g tropical granola

Lunch: salad made with lettuce cucumber spring onion 50g reduced fat coleslaw 50g reduced fat potato salad 50g kidney beans in chilli sauce and 100g turkey breast...yum!! Then I had a satsuma then a packet of wotsits

5pm: banana

Dinner: dinner tonight will be venison meatballs and brown spaghetti.

Just went for a run there. Only managed 10mins probably because I've been saturday and sunday then again today. Just felt like my legs were tired. Never mind I'll give it another shot tomorrow. Still burned off 110 calories though.

If I have enough calories after dinner I plan on having one of the following
Mcvities gold biscuit
80g grapes
A few spoonfuls of raspberry amd blueberry low fat frozen yogurt.
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Hey! Hear lots of good things about 5:2, you obviously have been very successful losing weight in the past. 3.5 years ago I got down to 10st 7 and put it all back on (plus another 2 stone). I think we're probably in the same boat in the sense of trying to really change our mindset and ways of thinking about food and eating.....easier said than done. Well done getting out for a run!! X
Day 4

Everything is all going good still and I wonder how that can be. I'm so used to a 5pm binge and big portions so I'm wondering if I'm actually doing the right thing.

Today was a 1500 calorie day. Finished on 1496. I have such a sore head tho but drank 2 litres of water and a diet coke at work so I don't think its dehydration. ..any ideas? Maybe I just need a mars bar lol

So today I had

The same breakfast and lunch as yesterday except instead of wotsits I had skips. My 5pm snack was the same as yesterday and dinner is seabass..oven roasted vegetables and new potaoes.
Afterwards I'll have grapes and a mcvities taxi biscuit

Tomorrow is a 750 calorie day which I'm not particularly looking forward too since I have such a headache and I've just made my lunch for tomorrow and it looks pitiful **sigh**
S: 15st0.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 1st7lb(9.98%)
Aw Tangerine.. have an early night and hopefully you will feel better in the morning. Maybe just detoxing? There's also a horrible cold going around that starts off with a sore head - hope you're not getting that!
Well done on another good day!xx
Awww thank u bursting...I think ur right about the cold. I have a stuffy nose now booooo. Off to bed now hopefully it wont come to anything. I have a 750 cal day tomorrow which will be the last thing I want if I'm poorly :(
Day 5

This is a low calorie day and im not even hungry...can this be right I wonder.....

No headache or anything today and feeling really good.

This is what I have eaten today.

Breakfast: banana

Lunch: salad with lettuce cucumber 50g reduced fat coleslaw and 60g turkey

And thats it so far

Dinner will be a lamb leg steak and 150g new potatoes and I still have 115 calories out of my 750. So I could have vegetables for dinner but I'm opting for a chocolate biscuit. The aero ones are only 99 calories so I'll have that instead.

I can't believe how easy this has been so far...I'm nervous about my weigh in as I'm thinking this cant be right that I'm not hungry. Makes me think I'm doing something wrong. We shall see. The weekend might throw up a few challenges right enough so watch this space.....

Ok so I had vegetables with my dinner. As soon as I started to eat I was ravenous. I still had my biscuit and had about 50g low fat frozen yogurt. Its not too bad but probably ended the day on about 850-900 calories. I'm not at all guilty since I had eaten so little anyway
Day 6

Well today was the first day I actually felt hungry. After lunch I felt soooo unsatisfied but thankfully I've been so busy at work I had no time to actually eat anything...

So today I had

Breakfast: 45g granola

Lunch: salad with lettuce cucumber 75g coleslaw 75g kidney beans spring onion and 100g turkey. A satsuma and a packet of quavers

Dinner: turkey roast with potatoes and gravy. Followed by a mcvities gold biscuit and some frozen yogurt.

My weigh day should be sunday but I'm going to do it tomorrow I think since I'm away from home overnight and wont have my scales sunday morning...feeling slightly apprehensive as I've found this first week fairly easy so watch this space........
8lbs off wooooohoooo. Relieved and excited is an understatement.....jumping for joy this morning. So thats me down to 16st 1lb. I'm hoping for 3lb this wk to get me to the weight I was about 8wks ago but 2lbs to get me under 16stone would be great. Im sooo chuffed. Today I'm eating my full 2000calories. Going hiking today for about 6hrs so I'll burn a ton of calories and have a well deserved pint afterward s...then a glas of wine...then another lol happy weekend everyone :)


has a thin girl inside!
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Excellent loss!! Well done :) x
Day 8

Ok so yesterday I blew my calories **sigh** although I don't feel bad about it...it was all well deserved.

So yesterday I had

Breakfast: 45g granola

Lunch: 2 sandwiches. 1 with ham and one with turkey and an eat natural bar.

Dinner: homemade lentil soup followed by penne arribiata..no meat.

But then...I had 3 crabbies ginger beer shared a bottle of prossecco with a friend then another 2 bottles of white wine however I did go hiking yesterday for 4.5hrs climbing 3000ft so I must have burned a ton of calories which is why I dont feel bad about what I drank as I said I think I deserved it and I doubt with the hike I would have put weight on.

Today however I feel really ravenous. I'm trying to have a 1500 calorie day today but its a struggle....I feel so hungry.

This morning I had 2 slices of toast for breakfast with a tablespoon of beans and a teaspoonful of mushrooms. After this I was still sooo hungry. For lunch I had fish and chips from a pub probably about 800 calories I would guess. I just felt I needed something substantial at the time. But I still have just over 500 calories left for dinner which I will have 2 cracked black pepper pork sausages, a small tin of beans and 100g of potato wedges. This should keep me within 1500 calories I'm just so glad that tomorrow is also a 1500 calorie day I dont think I could face a 750 calorie day tomorrow after feeling so hungry today. Tomorrow I think I will go for a nice long walk....all flat terrain mind...no more hills for me lol
Day 9

Today has been good eat wise but I feel like I have been really lasy. Was up quite early and went for a 90min walk just on flat ground and no streneous in any way. I am in agony from my hike on saturday. But since I got home this afternoon just around noon I've just sat and watched tv and not really done much at all.

Breakfast: 45g granola

Lunch: lettuce, cucumber, 50g coleslaw 50g potato salad 50g kidney beans 2 slices of ham and 2 slices of turkey and a breadroll

Dinner: salmon fillet with oven roasted veg and 100g new potatoes

Snack: kit kat.

Today I've thought about getting a dog. I'm trying to get my body healthy and in shape so I'm as healthy as possible when I start trying for a baby but I'd also really like a dog and I don't need to wait 9months to get it...I hope my other half lets me get a dog!!!!
S: 15st0.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 1st7lb(9.98%)

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