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***fabulous and flab-u-less friday thread***

Hello all

Welcome to another CD day, lets make it a good one!

So much for the early night I promised myself, somehow felt quite re-energised after my bath, dry body brushing and liberal application of bio-oil - oh how blissful.
As there are quite a few new members here, I should explain that some of us have been advised here of the reported benefits of daily dry body brushing. I am not technical to explain how but it would be useful to 'recover' that thread; however, in brief it is recommended to dry body brush after a shower or bath (so that the pores are receptive) and then apply cream. Can be done twice a day, with particular focus on upper arms, thighs, hips and tummies. Always brush in the direction of (towards) the heart.

Will be spending the day out and about for work, which I enjoy, so won't catch up with minimins until the evening.
All the best x:)
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Nice pun Bling haha *cheeky*

What kind of brush do we use?? think im going to invest this weekend and add to the obsession.

Spent half the night up with little Porgie coughing next to me, she really hasnt got the hang of cover your mouth when coughing and feel just has full of cold as I did at the beginning of the week.

Cant wait for tomorrow for my gym programme to start.

Quiet day today my kids are out shopping with Grandparents and have only two childminder children who are older kids so a nice day.

Hope you are have a great day x


Going for Goal!
Hi Blingbabe,

A great name for the thread and brilliant idea to bring up the dry body brushing tips. I have a dry body brush, but must admit that I have used it twice in about a month! But I know there are benefits, so I am going to make time and use it!!!

I use the soap and glory 'firminator' cream and found it to be bloomin marvellous! I noticed a big difference in the appearance of my stomach (the bumpy bits are flattening)

I used to use bio oil on my boobies - i'm quite conscious of the stretch marks that I have on those. I didn't find the bio oil worked for me. So I tried the palmers 'stretch mark remover cream' and found that to be better. My stretch marks haven't completely disappeared, but they have certainly faded!

I'm just moping about today, keeping myself indoors for 2 reasons: To get me back into my routine of CD without any outside distractions, and to get my bum in gear to tackle my ironing pile, and over flowing washing basket! lol Busy day for me!

Hope everyone has a brilliant day - 58 days until Christmas!!! :47:

Hugs x x x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Dry body brushing? Sounds harsh. Where do you get a dry body brush from?
Mrs T you always have a habit of making me laugh :D. xx

Firminator and Palmers butter cream are the best firming creams to be had i can really see the difference.

Just need to know where and what this brush is.


Yummy Mummy in the making
What kind of brush do we use for this? And what kind of cream should be applied after? What does it help to do to our body? Sorry for all the questions, I havent heard of this before x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Boots - they have them in the 'sanctuary' section for £9.99
Ooh thank you emma, i may have to go and have a nose now over the weekend whilst shopping for new work trousers.

Have lost a stone in 2 weeks and have an intro to a course im doing on Monday and cant wear these baggy tatty trousers haha....
Thanks Witchy, have found my sense of humour is coming back as I shed the weight, I was a mess this time last year just crying about my mum and telling Mr T what a pig he was(admittedly he deserved some of it...but not that much) x


Going for Goal!
lol @ Hayley

TattyMoo - Just been having a poke online - found a cheaper dry body brush, that also explains the benefits. Spa Find Wooden Dry Body Brush - SAX033 - Shop for Spa

Personally, I find it helps with my cellulite. Once I have finished brushing my tummy, thighs and bottom I use soap and glory firminator cream - but I know a lot people use cocoa butter/moisturising creams afterwards.

Enjoy pampering ladies - you're all sooooo worth it ;)

Hugs x x x
Happy Friday, everyone!

Phew, what a week. Spent most of it furiously writing my final report and CV for my promotion. All these 'buzz' words are still swimming around in my head - but it all went off to the final reviewer yesterday, so there's nothing more I can do! And I stuck 100% to CD through it all. :D :D :D

Well done everyone on making it through another working week. :0clapper:

And as for body-brushing - well, I'll admit I've never tried it, but afer googling it, I have to say it sounds like a good idea.

Here are a couple of the better links I found as to what it's all about:

Skin Brushing: How Skin Brushing Helps With Cellulite

Skin Brushing Guide - Body Care
I think i shall be giving it a try a big ditraction from the bread bin!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I'm soooo going to have to get one now! I got one in a pampering kit i got last year and through it away lol......*doh*


please try again
afternoon girls

owwwww i got a headache thats not shifting :(
back in the swing of it today, last nights weigh in wasnt good, i gained 9lb! but then i had drunk 2 litres of water and a shake just before weigh in
Aw, hugs Claire. It's pants that the scales can go up that fast on this diet, isn't it? But you know it's not real, not really. About 5 pounds of that will be the water and shake you drank just before weigh in, and the rest is the refilled glycogen (plus water) stocks. It'll be off in no time!

The headache's probably due to getting back into ketosis too - so embrace the pain, LOL (like child birth :D :D :eek:)

I'm kidding - it's definitely a good sign though. Is paracetemol/ibuprofen working? I had a rotten headache this time last week when I was getting into ketosis. :(


please try again
like child birth, nooooooo not going thru that again! lol

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