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Hi Everyone,
just wondered if any of you had fb? I thought it would be a nice idea to add some new friends to mine so if you would like to add me please feel free to do so my user name is sadie byers and my profile pic is 3 girls i'm the one in the middle with a bowtie in my mouth (dont ask lol)

:) hope to see you on there soon xxxxxx
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I'm rosie cole brighton and Hove network
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Hiya, I am Lynne Sneddon, you will know me by my usual fairy in a teacup pcture x


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Oo thanks for adding me everyone, i like having new friends! lol, now il have people who understand when i write things in my status reguarding sw lol!


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I know what you mean instead of feeling like you are tlaking to a brick wall lol


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If anyone wants to add me I have the little clicky facebook symbol thingy over there on the left near my piccie!



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okay I have added you all :) hooray new friends.

If any one wants to add me just click the blue facebook square under where my profile picture should be, it will take you straight to my page and request a friend from there.


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Im Sarah Jayne - but then again, so are about 100,000 other people on there! Fern, added you :)


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My link is below in my signature.


maxine uk

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can someone please give me the sw link on fb i have clicked the link above but not sure if im in the right place:cry:


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I have added you all as well I am jayne johnstone my profile pic is a castle with snow (view from my patio yesterday)


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Sara Coram Liverpool Network, my pic is me & my sister holding each others babies!!!
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Feel free to add me! My link is under my name!


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Hi all I've added everyone, will be nice for people to understand my SW whinges lol.

You can click my Facebook button or find me under 'Laddiesboy' or 'Dave Piggott' :)