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faffing about with the same few pounds..plateau?

Hi guys, I seem to be really struggling this last few weeks....well, I'm the same weight I was a month ago, depsite sticking to the plan. My consultant says my diaries are fine. In the past few weeks, I have gained, then lost, then gained, then lost, then gained.....

I guess I'm looking for people to share their plateau tales with me.
Don't get me wrong -I'm still thrilled to have lost a stone and two pounds overall....and I know it gets harder as target gets closer......I just need some inspiration and usually, the tales I read on minimins restore my faith when I'm lagging! Thanks in advance.
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Hiya Biggysmalls. I know how you feel, been there myself on a few occasions. My body eventually sorted it's self out after about three weeks of staying the same and loosing/gaining 1lb here and there. I think that adding super speed foods and more water to my diet helped at the time. You have done amazingly well so far! Keep up the good work and i'm sure you will soon wonder what all your worries were about xx


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I had a thread on here not so long ago because i had been losing and gaining the same pound since November!! have a look at my thread for others opinion as well. It was called "so i cut down my free foods and . . ." For me I reduced the amount of free foods I was having. Did i need them? was it because I fancied something to chew on, was I bored or was I genuinely hungry. If I was hungry I ate superfree fruit and veg first. I also looked at my portion size which hadn't change since I started but i fathomed that abody weighing 1.5 stone less would need less food. To my amazement I was no more hungry than before and my weight at long last has begun to shift. If doing extra easy I always put my one third superfree veg on my plate first so i can only serve up smaller amounts of the rest and if I fancy more, i do the same again,veg first. It may be worth looking at the amount of free foods you are having and asking yourself if they are necessary. good luck x
good advice everyone! the only other thing I would say (although it might not apply to you!) is just double check the basics like measuring healthy extra's. I used to measure them religiously then over time I felt like I kind of knew the amounts I could have so I started guessing. This was fine for a while but I've hit a a bit of a plateau (also close to target) and so I thought I'd go back to basics - when I measured out how much milk I use in the average coffee it was stacks more than I thought! no wonder I'd gained some weeks!!!!!!!!! LOL C xx

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