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Failed... Again

Had a total wobbler yesterday and failed.
Give in to temptation and had a gregs pasty (ok I had 2!!) feel rubbish now for giving in on day 4 after restarting after my holiday. I couldn't take my mind up last night if I should carry on or go onto WW propoints so had a plain omlette last night. Decided this morning that I would crack on with TS! So had my first shake already. I'm just finding that I've got no motivation at the minute.
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I know it's hard but it does get better I promise! I slipped up twice in my first month and still lost 18lb! Don't beat yourself up over it just jump back on today and pretend yesterday didn't happen! As for the omelette eggs are ok! So chin up and onwards and downwards! For the first week everytime someone mentioned food I was drooling just at the thought! A month in and I didn't even bat an eyelid when you mentioned gregs! I promise if you bare with it the results will be more than worth the effort!
Losing weight is never easy, if it was we would all be thin and diets wouldn't exsist!

I thought I would share with you a great quote from The Rules of Life by Richard Templar, where Rule 3 is "Accept What's Done is Done", and he says "You could let these things get you down, fizzle away internally like some emotional acid making you ill and resentful and stuck. But you will let them go, embrace them as character forming and in general as a positive rather than a negative...Make it a motto for life - keep moving forwards".


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I find that when I struggle, or if I sometimes have doubts and thought sof "meh, I can't be bothered" pop into my mind I usually look at a picture of what I was like before all the weight, and I think of all the things I could be doing! Cycling with the proper clothes on, wearing properly fitting shorts and t shirts in the sun, feeling comfortable in my work clothes etc. etc. then I find that the motivation does creep back :)


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It's difficult without the right motivation - think about why you're doing it in the first place - I have a pair of jeans that I kept trying on when I was on LL and that kept me going - Esp when they got too big! You'll be fine! x


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Yeah good to keep your mini-goal or main goal in mind! I just pick up the bridesmaid dress I have to wear in 6/7weeks and that seems to have been enough to get me here in the first place and keep me here!x


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I agree with what Aaron said, I have a wardrobe of clothes that used to fit nicely and I enjoyed wearing them.

Previous attempts at getting in shape I always said "Sod it" and went to the pub.

This time around I want to be able to fit nicely into them again and that spurs me on.
Thanks guys... today was a lot better, although not 100%
But tomorrow is a new day and i'll carry on.

IF I do get desperate does anyone know what you can eat, I mean are omelettes ok? I find 3 packs and an omelette (plain) works fairly well but I'm not sure if it was stopping me going in ketosis and thats why I failed
Milk is no good but I had an omelette last night made with water and it was lovely I'm on aamw but only eating when I have to eggs are good so if you have to eat eggs are a better choice x
There is a sticky thread about what foods will keep you in ketosis. Its mainly Meat & eggs that are ok. I was shocked to see a burger on the list! I don't know if it helps but if I do eat meat, I always take off all the fat & don't cook it in any fat. Good Luck xxx
Thanks guys!! sometimes something little like a chicken breast or an omelette (Without milk, ive been using just eggs and a little water anyway as I'm staying away from milk) with a few bits of ham usually helps but I always thought I was keeping myself out of ketosis.

Just seen the sticky on ketogenic foods, couldn't see it on my iphone app!! thanks guys!

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