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Failed on day 2 :(

Hi everyone.so I'm new to this and I am not yet doing exante but I have other meal replacements until my order comes through so thought I might aswell get started with them as they are not to dissimilar on nutritional values.anyway it was going really well I lost 4 3/4 lb in 2 days-yes I'm a serial weigher!!! And then today I was home from work all day and not even the beautiful weather could stop me from majorly binging!!!this including 2 sandwhiches,a huge bowl of cheerios, 2 cookies, 2 sausage rolls, a bowl of rice pudding,a yoghurt and a twirl and a few Jaffa cakes just to finish it off!!!I feel sick and bloated and I can't wait to get back to meal replacement as I feel so much better on them but I'm worried I will crack everytime I crave food without some kind of counselling like u get with LL or CD,I can't afford either of these but I have a holiday in 6 weeks and desperately want to loose just over 2 stone before that and get my life back!!!
Please help!! :(
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You will do it honey it's hard to start but think of the loss you had in 2 days and imagine how you will feel first wk wen the scales keep going down !! Just forget about your blip . Smile and carry on , day 1 starts today , kiss ass lady !!! Xx
Hi :)

Put yesterday behind you, today is a new day.. Why don't you have a low carb meal everyday until you get into ketosis, it makes the transition so much easier, or if you don't fancy that have your normal 3 foodpacks plus a bar, chop the bar up into about 8 pieces and when you get the urge have a piece with lots of water

I hope today is a better day for you xx
Don't give up going for your goal. I liken this to when I gave up smoking after 30 unhealthy years of smoking around 15 a day, sometimes more on a weekend if out socialising.

I made about 4 really good attempts at giving up, stopping for periods of up to 5 months sometimes. Then one silly old reminder would pop into my head and I'd respond like I had no control and was a robot. Then over 2 years ago I made my final attempt having learnt from past endeavors and well I have not smoked in over 2 years.

There are real times when one of my old memories resurfaces and I think Ooooh I'd like a ciggi, but of course now I'm aware that the thought belongs to me, which means I'm in control of it and I then think "oh get real, I can actually walk upstairs in one go without being breathless, why would I give that up".

Anyway what I'm saying is that we don't develop these unhealthy practises over night. They are attached to all kinds of memory triggers. Soooo it stands to reason that we can't heal them over night either but the fact that your working on it means your already part way there. Just don't give up working towards your goal. X


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I agree with what the others said :)

Also, if you're missing the CBT, you could try the Beck Diet solution book, which has a task to do every day, you may find this helpful. The other thing you can do is use this site, post on here for support, or just read some of the diaries - remember we're all normal people here struggling with our own weight losses, but at any time there are some of us that are doing well, and others that are having wobbles. It's inspiring reading people's diaries and seeing how they feel on their journey, and how they manage.
Good luck, you know with this diet your goal should be achieveable, stick with it.
Good luck :)

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