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Failure is not an option..this time!


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So here goes everything....I'm new here but not to slimming world! Last year I managed to lose 2st4lbs in 4 months. I was the ideal member, loved it, raved about it, followed it 110% and reaped the benefits. Then Sept came and I went back to do a Masters degree by night while also working full time and with a 2 year old!! Things went South pretty quick and in Dec myself Hubby daughter and my parents headed to USA for 6 weeks over Xmas and by the time I got back I'd gained back 1st 4lbs :/(( since then it's been a disaster and I stopped going to class.
Joined back 3 weeks ago..lost 6 in first week then gained 1/2 then last night was up another 2.5.

I now realise I have got to get my act back together. I am SICK, sick, of being Fat. Sick of having a wardrobe of fabulous clothes I can't wear. Sick of feeling self conscious about my body. Sick of being on a constant rollercoaster of food and guilt. Sick of my body not matching the person I actually am. Sick of feeling like my Hubby deserves a better body on his wife! Sick sick sick but mostly sick of knowing how successful SW can be and yet not doing it! How frustrating.

So here I am, determined. I've 3-4stone to lose to be remotely average! I can and I WILL do this. Hopefully some of you will stick around for the ride!!!
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Todays diary

28g weetabix choc (hexB)
30ml full fat milk (HexA)
30g Raspberries

200g strawberries
Pack of Knorr savoury rice

220g strawberries & blueberries
Steamed new potatoes
Fat free mince fried with onions garlic bovril

Strawberries & Raspberies
1 meringue Nest (3 syns)
Onken fat free vanilla yogurt

Ps: I'm weighing fruit today as in going to start using it as a starter to make my 1/3 superfree so I'm trying to get s sense of what a 1/3 should roughly look like!!


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Day 1 of 100% successfully completed ;-))
Wishing lots of luck huni. Your living proof that SW works, u just have to remember that and stick to it. If u get ur head in the right place you will be target in no time. Ur food diary looks good. Uve already taken the hard step of rejoining SW. Have a fabulous first week every week xxx


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Good luck Amo - you sound very determined and in the right place to succeed. I like your idea of weighing your superfree in the first instance to get a feel for the third. Lots of people don't seem to take that part of the plan very seriously so good on you for trying to get it right!


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Day 2 100%

Huge bowl strawberries
Half banana

Lunch/brunch:(v. Shortly after the fruit..lie on!)
Grilled mushrooms
2 lean rashers
2 boiled eggs
1/2 tin beans with dash curry powder
Potato slices done in oven!

Huge bowl strawberries/raspberries
Roast Chicken
Steamed new potatoes
Steamed carrots
Mushy peas
Stuffing (2 syns)
Gravy (2 syns)

2 syn cupcake X2 (4 syns)
Scan bran carrot cake (HexB)
Lemsip (2 syns???)

Total syns: 10.

The fruit before meals has been a revelation. In the 2 days doing it I have not been able to finish my dinner portions. Miracles :))


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Thank you BeeGee and Lovehandles!! Hope your both having a great week :)
Hope ur feeling better and positive! My week has been good. Day 5 100%. trying to be good as it's star week and I need to loose 2lb on Monday to get my stone :) when is ur WI? Good luck xx
I'm smothering with a head cold! Hate wasting syns on yukky lemsips lol!!

A Monday WI must make you especially conscious over the weekend?! maybe that's not such a bad thing ;-) I WI on a Thursday.
Amo1979 said:
I'm smothering with a head cold! Hate wasting syns on yukky lemsips lol!!

A Monday WI must make you especially conscious over the weekend?! maybe that's not such a bad thing ;-) I WI on a Thursday.
Aw no hope u feel better soon! I do tend to be good on the weekend. I do think it helps that I work all weekend so I'm busy rather than sat at home staring at the fridge. I'm not a big drinker either so i only go out maybe once a month, that helps! Lol

Keep thinking thin! Best of luck on Thursday! Can't wait to find out your loss!!! Xxx
Day 3 100%

Huge bowl strawberries blueberries pineapple
Grilled rashers x 2
Beans with curry powder
2 boiled eggs (yolk only)
Grilled mushrooms
Potato slices grilled
Tbsp brown sauce (1 syn)

58 g wholemeal bread
3 slices ham
3 laughing cow triangles (1/2 HexA)
I tbsp sugar free pickle (1 syn)
I tomato

Huge bowl strawberries and pineapple
Beef chilli with kidney beans and boiled rice

2 x 2 syn cupcakes
1 mr Kipling custard & rhubarb cake (8 syns)

Have made a salt and chilli chicken for tomorrow but if I feel like it I may have some later lol!! It's all peppers and onions do my 1/3 is covered.

I'm finally understanding the importance and usefulness of the 1/3. Love that fruit trick :))

Lovehandles..I can't find your diary (I'm on iPhone app). I'm so looking forward to WI and posting my loss. Good luck to you for tomorrow!! I'm not a big drinker either thank god so dont have those syns to worry about!
I don't have a diary on here I only do it on the SW website! I'm real excited to weigh in now! Fingers crossed for u! X
Oh cool, I'm hoping the SW iPhone app becomes more interactive as they develop it so I can food diary there. I need to be honest with myself..I would never sit down and write it all down...this phone is am extension of my hand so it's always there to log what goes into my mouth!

Let me know how tomorr goes x
Day 4 100%

Fibre plus bar (HexB)

Huge bowl of strawberries
Left over SW beef chilli with boiled rice
Muller light

Huge bowl of strawberries and pineapple chunk.
Homemade curry with peppers onions peas and chicken (2 syns for dash of flour)
Crosse & Blackwell Chinese savoury rice

WW Mini roll (4 syns) (haven't had this yet but I reckon I'm gonna treat myself!!)

Started the couch to 5K plan today as well. Must say it's very accessible and achievable. I'm super excited to get fit as well as thin!!
Bloody fantastic!!! Well well done :)) that's amazing! 2 stone!!!!!!! Wowsa I can't wait for a number like that :). You've motivated me further x
Aw no it's only my first stone! Lol not quite there yet! X

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