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failure yet again!!


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Today should be day 3 but I failed miserably last night:cry:. I had 1 pack all day was saving 2 o have good end to day took dog out and ended up being out for 1 hour 20 mins came back and ordered chicken burger and half portion chips!!!!! They were lovely and decided thats it never doing cambridge again cant do it!!! Now this morning feel terrible cant believe I keep sabotaging my restarts and dont know what o do with myself. Also cant walk as all foot bruised and swollen as not used to so much exercise as had last night.
Why is the thought of being slim and happier overshadowed by my cravings for food??:cry::cry::cry:
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Don't worry about it, I had a bad day on wed and did the exact same thing. Th important thing is to draw a line under it and start again!

Have you been ss ing? Maybe you should consider one of the other plans? That way you can still eat food and lose weight.

Also do you have something to aim for(other than being slim obviously!) Try setting yourself a mini goal. Lose a stone then get a massage something like that!!

Not really sure if that helps or not but have big hugs and know you can always come here and vent!
Hi Sarah,
Don't beat yourself up about this. The first few days are a nightmare. This is my third time doing CD SS and i'm now on my 5th day. I promise you it really does get easier if you can get past the first 3 days.
Try and put a line under last night and restart afresh today.
Like Mhairi said if you're really struggling with SS, try one of the other plans and then you can look forward to food at the end of the day.
The best of luck.:)


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I did cd last year and lost 5 stone and didnt have a single problem then stopped put all back on quickly and have struggled ever since!! Im not really into the with food plans as want to get it off as quick as possible, know this may sound daft when im not managing but cant get my head round with food im an all or nothing person!!!

Just having few friendly comments does help so thank you both!!


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Aww Sarah.. you can do it hunni.. get back on the CD wagon! I know what you mean about all or nothing.. I don't think I could do the other plans until it's time to.

You know yourself that you can do this, as you've lost it all before. .the second time round it's a bit harder because you're so cross with yourself for having to start from the begining again, but as soon as that ticker starts moving you'll be feeling great.. one day at a time!! you can DO IT!
can you not break it down into chunks so it seems more manageable and not such a long haul?

maybe just aim for 4 weeks of SS to start with?

the thought of not eating for what seems like an eternity can really mess with your head (and mine!)... so maybe aim for a shorter period of time with a planned day off.

i am in week 10 and instead of aamw i had a day off. this has worked fab for me and i might even plan another day off so i have something to look forward to.

would this work for you?


Hi Sarah, You aren't alone Hunni - i fell off Wednesday and Yesterday but woke up this morning determind to get back to it. The advice above is great, sometimes it helps to break it down just to ease yourself back in until you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you can tell you are losing weight and stick to the plan 100% cos it's working and you know that if you stick to it just a bit longer you know you lose that little bit more in no time - or is that just me! LOL You know you can do it, don't feel defeated, it's just a little niggle that will disappear after your second shake. Good luck xx
hi sarah, Look just forget about it.You are only human after all. Come on get back on the wagon again you can do it just take one day at a time. You have done cd before and lost the weight so u know u can do it again. Stay strong

becky x

Deb G

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Put it behind you and move on. Just remember how you felt after you'd eaten (guilty, disappointed, annoyed, angry with yourself etc) and recall that memory when you're tempted in the future. In our LL counselling we 'fast forward' to 2 hours later and ask "Are you happy with the decision you made?". If the answer is NO - then you have that opportunity to change it BEFORE it happens.

So next time you pass the chippy - fast forward 2 hours. At least then you are thinking about the consequences BEFORE you eat - and the choice is then yours to make - but at least it is a more informed choice!

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