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well guess what i went and did earlier.......yes that right i fainted:eek::eek::eek:....... it was a bit of a surprise, i havn't been feeling right all day, bit of a head ache and really really hot and a bit disoriented. went to my friends house for a coffee and i fainted in her kitchen. it was only for a few minutes, apparently i was a white as sheet !!!!

but the upside of it is that i ate 2 slices of chicken breast to give me the energy to get my son from school and drive home........... sorry (and its weigh in day tomorrow!!!!!)

i'm not due my next shake until 6ish, but i'm going to have it shortly (after i've had a cup of tea) and relax for the evening.
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hope ur feeling better!

tell ur pharmacist about it and get them to check ur blood pressure just incase.

It was prob just low blood sugar and lack of food but no diet is woth risking ur health
oh no hope you are feeling better now x
ooh I know the feeling, I fainted on Saturday morning, hit my head off the wall and now have 6 stitches in my head!! Hope your feeling ok, take it easy for the next couple of days. Are you taking splitting your shakes up or taking them whole?
thanks for all your kind words,

i was splitting them up, but i ended up with loads to eat at the end of the day.

so for the past 2/3 days i've been having one at 9am, one at 1pm and then one about 6ish.

ive been finding all week, that mid afternoon i'm getting really sluggish and muddled, after i've had the 1pm shake.......odd eh

i think i just need to work on the balance and i've been really busy today, and i am so hot, i'm sat with a vest on sweating like a pig now.!!!!!!....(no heating on)
just take it easy and make sure you mention it to the pharmacist hopefully its just your body getting used to LT and it will pass


Just a thought, have you been drinking enough water , as I found at the beginning that I usually felt faint if I hadn't drank enough water ?
Hope you're feeling better soon !
Hiya Carolyn,

i actually upped the water yesterday to 4 litres plus my teas (about 1.5litre) i've done the same today, so by the time i fainted, i'd had 2 litres of water and maybe 2 litres of mint tea (i have a teapot that holds 2.5litre) and some normal tea. i've drunk 0.5 litres of water since and 1.5 litres of mint tea.

can a person ahve too much water? :confused:
Golden girl hope you are feeling better a bit TLC tonight and a very early night. Good luck for the WI i doubt two slices of chicken will make a difference as mostly protein.


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eek... i have nothing to add except - take care ok...just take care



weighs a lot less
my chemist was saying it today that a women who has been on LT for a few weeks had fainted ,she had some protein and has carried on and been fine,take it easy hun,i would see the chemist to be safe any chance you are coming down with something im always freezing xx
Hope you are feeling better now.

Hiya Laraj and everyone thanks for you kind words and concern,

been to the pharmasists this morning, ive posted what they said under my WK2 results.

went to bed early and work up feeling drunk this morning.......how wierd!!!!!!
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God. I hope ur getting better. Be carsful and hope u get well soon. Like many said i felt like fainting also especially the last week i did LT. I could't take the chance with my children. Take it handy.

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