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god, feel really faint today. Am drinking plenty, and had choc tetra this morning, just had a veg soup.

I have to crouch down to examine big dogs etc and every time I go to stand up again my sight goes black & fuzzy, and I feel seriously light headed.

Am hoping I have an afternoon of cats and small dogs.

My boss will go apeshit if I faint; he's already let on he thinks I'm anorexic. Ho hum.
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Doesn't sound too good....but let him go ape! FFS he sounds nice and sympathetic!?!

I had a few dizzy spells when I was SSing......soon went when I upped my water intake. Could that be an issue?

Fingers crossed you're feeling better soon!

Cate x
try splitting your drinks into 2 and have them spread out during the day so that you are 'eating' more often, this helped me a lot when i was feeling like that
Am drinking TONS of water, like 5l a day. Can't fit any more in!!

I don't know why it has been worse today. Will try splitting packs as I have to admit I love to have lunch, then something as soon as I get home from work, and then something a bit later on too. I think leaving my packs till later in the day hasn't been giving me enough energy to cope with my somewhat hectic life!

Lil K

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I had this to start with, but it seems to have tailed off a bit in recent weeks - don't know if it's just your body getting used to things, or maybe a change to your blood pressure?

I'm sure somebody will be along shortly who knows a bit more about it...
Well co-incidentally I went to my doctor about this very problem this morning. He took my blood pressure which was fine and said not to worry - the dizzyness will just go of its own accord and that I should just make sure that I get up slowly so I don't pass out!

MM x
I took my son to hospital to have his hand stitched and just before it was done I came over hot, dizzy and my vision went blurry, thought I was going to faint, but lucky enough I didn't but the doc asked me if I felt alright as I was really white. This has never happened to me before I was on this diet. I've seen my son have his toenail removed so its not because I'm sqeamish.

I took my son to hospital last night to have his arm stitched and felt really dizzy hot and my vision went blurry, luckly I never fainted but the doc asked me if I felt alright because I was so white. This has never happened to me before and I've seen my son have his toenail removed so i'm not sqeamish. I've been on the CD for nearly seven weeks so I wondered whether this was the cause.

Sorry put same message twice

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This is the last time!!
I have had this for the past week or 2. Like you, it's when I stand up quickly, or if I move a bit quickly. My eyes feel like they are crossing and I see black fuzziness. It even happens if I look up...basically, any time my head moves fast!
I mentioned it to my CDC on weigh in last Monday and she said that if it continues I should have a nibble on some protein as it is my blood pressure dipping. I haven't nibbled so far, I've just tried to be more careful with my movements.
I had that a bit today, but I think it may be because at 1.30pm I had only had one shake and 500ml water - not good enough! I have sorted myself out now though!!

Hope the faint feeling stops for you guys x


getting slimmer
i get this too, sometimes more than others.
dont think its any thing to worry about, just getup slower!!
hope its all ok for you!! x


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I get this when getting out of bed on a morning, bit of a head rush lol
I think it can be due to low blood pressure which should not be dismissed as nothing, but should be checked out (im suffering from this at the moment)

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